UKG Dimensions Migration: What Customers Should Know

UKG Dimensions Migration - what you should know

Editors note: This blog was originally published on July 27, 2023. Since then, UKG Dimensions has been renamed to UKG Pro Workforce Management or UKG Pro WFM.

The countdown is on. With UKG Workforce Central reaching the end of engineering in 2025, now is the time to start planning your transition to UKG Dimensions—the next-generation workforce management solution from UKG. If you're considering this move, then you likely have some burning questions about switching to UKG Dimensions, so let's jump right in and explore the essential factors, benefits, and best practices for a smooth and successful migration. Check out my YouTube video or read my thoughts below.

What are the key benefits of migrating from Workforce Central to UKG Dimensions?

Simply put, Dimensions is a superior product that is more feature-rich and user-friendly than WFC. Customers who have made the switch cite these major advantages:

  • Streamlined workforce management: UKG Dimensions is designed to help "unburden" your staff by reducing the time it takes to manage timesheets and schedules. It provides quick access to the information you need, allowing you to streamline your workflow.
  • More intuitive, modern interface: Dimensions offers a modern and intuitive user experience that is accessible from any device. You will no longer face limitations on what you can do on a mobile device, enhancing flexibility and convenience.
  • More powerful analytics: The reporting and analytics capabilities of UKG Dimensions are more powerful. It includes embedded metrics, KPIs, and Dimensions Data Hub, providing access to back-end data for robust dashboarding and reporting for Finance and Executive audiences.

How does UKG Dimensions handle data migration from Workforce Central?

Data, such as timecard and schedule history does not migrate from WFC to UKG Dimensions. So, you will have to archive your existing WFC database for historical reporting.

However, UKG does provide tools to help migrate a significant portion of the configuration from legacy UKG Workforce Central. Most modules support the migration of a majority of the configuration. Advanced Scheduling may require more effort during migration. If you're using that module, expect the bulk of the migration effort to be focused there.


Does UKG Dimensions support our timekeeper terminals, or will we need to upgrade clocks?

  • UKG Dimensions is compatible with InTouch Terminals (9000, 9100, and DX), although a firmware update may be required.
  • The 4500-series terminals are mostly compatible, except for the early 4500s. Compatible 4500-series terminals may also require a firmware update.
  • To determine the compatibility of your terminals, you can run a SQL query to output the information. However, it's recommended to ask your UKG Sales executive to run a Migration Compatibility report, which will provide detailed information about terminal compatibility, updates needed, and those not compatible.

How does UKG Dimensions support compliance with labor laws and regulations?

UKG Dimensions includes a Rule profile that addresses various labor laws and regulations such as FLSA laws, California rules, etc.

Compliance Auditor is a feature that ensures compliance from the other end. It allows you to monitor and manage timecard edits, punch deletions or additions, meal breaks, and measure unwanted behaviors by timekeepers. Having visualizations and data views for compliance purposes is invaluable.

What training and support options are available during and after the migration process?

User adoption is crucial, and UKG offers various training and support options to facilitate the transition. UKG's Community University, previously known as KnowledgeMap and KnowledgeMap Live, can be utilized by internal project teams, system analysts, and Payroll users. These tools offer training modules that can be customized into a learning path. However, the examples shown in the modules may not be industry-specific or tailored to your configuration.

UKG Services Partners, like Healthcare IT Leaders, can create education materials that are more customized to your operational use and configuration. These materials include relevant examples and screenshots, making the training more relevant to end users. Web-based training is a popular option as it provides flexibility for end-users to choose when they undergo training.

Change management plays a vital role in the successful adoption of the solution. An effective Change Management program prepares, equips, and supports individuals in making the necessary changes to drive organizational success.

Can you share any best practices or tips for a smooth and successful migration to UKG Dimensions?

  • Decide on your migration path. You can opt for a straight migration, moving existing configurations as much as possible, or an optimized migration that considers your specific WFM processes and configures an optimized UKG Dimensions solution. Consider priorities and plan configuration optimization as a phase 2 if needed.
  • Consider who owns the system. WFM means different things to different areas of your organization. Clarify ownership to ensure effective management and utilization of the system.
  • Act now to secure certified talent and ensure success. As the deadline for the end of engineering draws closer, the demand for Dimensions Certified consultants will increase. Starting early will help you secure the certified talent required for a successful migration.

I hope this article has provided helpful insights into migrating from Workforce Central to UKG Dimensions. Making the switch unlocks game-changing workforce management capabilities that can take your organization to the next level. To learn more about the many benefits of migrating to UKG Dimensions, be sure to check out our YouTube video or download our UKG Dimensions Migration Guide.


UKG Solutions Director Brian Myers has spent his entire career helping customers address their human capital management needs. In his role at Healthcare IT Leaders, he supports our clients from implementation through optimization, helping them maximize value from their UKG investments.