New Clinical Workforce Companies Complement Healthcare IT Leaders

Bob Bailey, founder of Healthcare IT Leaders, a national, KLAS-rated provider of IT consulting and workforce solutions for hospitals and health systems, today announced his principal investment in two new companies targeting clinical workforce gaps:   Locums Choice and PAC Leaders. Locums Choice offers temporary physician and provider staffing (a.k.a. locum tenens) for health systems, hospitals […]

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Know Before You Go — Epic UGM 2019 Planning Guide

It’s Epic’s 40th birthday this year, and they’re celebrating with another exciting year of Epic UGM. The conference begins on Monday, August 26th, and concludes on Thursday, August 29th. Just like previous years, the conference is taking place in Verona, Wisconsin at Epic’s campus.  Epic is hosting the event, and executives, directors, clinical staff, and […]

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5 Ways To Actually Disconnect While On Vacation (Infographic)

In this tech-obsessed world, you’re always glued to at least one of your electronic devices. You’re constantly notified of an email, text, call, meeting—the list goes on. Even some fitness trackers now let you know when you’re receiving a phone call. While it’s imperative to stay in the loop during the workweek, you deserve some […]

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10 Healthcare Companies Hiring IT Talent in 2019

The healthcare industry created one in seven jobs in the United States in 2018, totaling 29,000 new jobs each month. If those numbers aren’t enough to impress you, the projections for the next several years are even more promising. The aging population is creating greater demand for healthcare services, and pairing that with advancements in […]

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The STAR Method: Four Steps to Make a Lasting Impression in Your Next Interview

“Tell me about a time when…” Do you initially panic when you hear this simple phrase during an interview? Even if you’re well prepared, a simple situational question could throw you a curveball in an otherwise flawless interview experience. But there’s no reason to stress. The STAR Method is one you can master in order […]

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6 Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Job Search

It’s finally spring, and that means it's time for growth and new opportunities. For job seekers, it's also a good time to refresh your job search strategies by revisiting key tools like your resume, social profiles and your interview approach.  Finding a new job can seem daunting at times. Applying, interviewing and showing your best […]

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How To Boost Your Career With An Online, Personal Brand

Looking for an edge in a competitive hiring environment? Personal branding is one way to stand out from others.  Now we're not saying you should design a logo for yourself (although you can). Instead, we're talking about building name recognition  by establishing credentials as an expert in your field and sharing your expertise with others.   […]

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