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Data continues to drive innovations in healthcare, but harnessing that data is often difficult. Our clients turn to Healthcare IT Leaders to leverage our expertise in Data Cloud and AI to uncover opportunities to lower costs and improve patient care. 

Healthcare Expertise

Our deep healthcare IT experience in EHR, RCM, ERP, HCM, and SCM systems provides us with unparalleled insight into the clinical, operational, and financial data silos that hold the key to transformative population health and care delivery insights. 

We offer services to integrate, modernize, and report on disparate data sources in your health system. In addition, we provide strategic expertise for large-scale digital transformation projects, including training and managed services. 

Multi-faceted Use Case Approach

We create targeted analytics solutions to improve healthcare outcomes. Example use cases include: 

  • Predictive algorithms to reduce readmissions 
  • IoT for better asset management 
  • Natural Language Processing (NLP) to boost clinician productivity 

Our cross-functional teams combine healthcare expertise with technical capabilities in AI, IoT, and big data. We understand Enterprise and Healthcare-specific client needs to co-create high-impact analytics that drive value across the care continuum. 

Capitalize on your data with Healthcare IT Leaders

Our Data Cloud & Generative AI Partners

Healthcare IT Leaders partners with other AI experts to offer our clients a wide range of industry-leading data cloud and AI services.

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Data Cloud & AI Consulting Services

Leveraging our deep expertise in healthcare, common healthcare technologies, data warehouses, business intelligence, machine learning, and AI, we provide end-to-end analytics and consulting to optimize healthcare outcomes. Our solutions help healthcare organizations implement data-driven innovations that reduce costs, improve patient care, and drive progress.

Deployment Services

Generative AI & Data Cloud Staffing

Access data scientists, machine learning engineers, AI prompters, and analytics experts to scale data initiatives without added headcount. We deliver skilled resources to develop, implement, and manage AI and advanced analytics solutions that transform population health, clinical care, and operational processes. 

Managed Services

Tap our team of Managed Services experts for ongoing support and optimization of your AI and Analytics solutions, including Snowflake, AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform. 

Analytics & Reporting

We deliver advanced data analytics capabilities to generate actionable intelligence across healthcare operations, clinical care, and financial performance. This includes operational analytics to optimize workflows, population health analytics to manage patient outcomes, and financial data analytics for data-driven decisions on costs and risks. 


Bring the power of the cloud to your analytics with solutions like Snowflake for a centralized data platform. Our experts implement leading cloud technologies to consolidate data, accelerate queries, and provide easy scalability for faster insights.

Optimization Services

AI Powered Patient Experience

Create a world-class patient experience with AI solutions from Healthcare IT Leaders and Cascade Health. Combine AI-powered chat with existing knowledge bases and HR information systems for a cost-effective alternative to optimize your health system’s HR team with real-time, 24-7 support. 

Price Transparency

Equip your team with competitor reimbursement rate data and expert guidance to optimize your payer contract negotiations. Our solutions aggregate publicly available data and provide you with a framework to augment your own proprietary price and volume data.  

Interoperability and Integration

Enable seamless data exchange across the healthcare ecosystem to unlock value from data silos. This includes integration services to connect disparate applications and platforms, as well as facilitating data sharing and collaboration. 

Cost Management

Ongoing governance and insights to optimize cloud and infrastructure expenditures in healthcare. This includes cloud cost optimization to right-size usage and leverage discounts as well as infrastructure cost optimization to manage legacy systems for peak efficiency. 

Training and Adoption

Drive proficiency and utilization of new technologies and data capabilities across healthcare organizations, including Ops management to streamline data workflows, end-user training on best practices that take advantage of modern AI-augmented toolsets, and data cloud technologies that maximize clinical and business adoption. 

Data Governance and Security

Our team helps establish protocols to ensure healthcare data is managed securely and responsibly across its lifecycle. This encompasses data lifecycle management from acquisition to disposition as well as security protocols and compliance processes to safeguard sensitive patient data. Targeted training and advisory on the use of Machine Learning and Generative AI in healthcare settings is available. 

Transformation Services

Advisory Services

We provide the strategic guidance healthcare organizations need to navigate analytics and AI initiatives from planning through execution and ongoing optimization. With partnerships across leading data cloud and AI solution vendors, we can support our clients through their full data and AI journey. 

Generative AI and Machine Learning

We assist healthcare organizations to utilize advanced algorithms and deep learning techniques to derive insights from complex data. This incorporates predictive analytics to identify risks and patterns, machine learning models to tailor treatment plans to individual patients, and generative AI and ML models to standardize communication and manage follow-up tasks. 

Digital Transformation

Leverage AI and other modern technologies to reimagine care delivery and processes. This includes implementing digital cloud platforms to optimize clinician workflows as well as patient engagement platforms to connect consumers with their health data. 

Data Modernization and Migration

Our team helps transition healthcare data to modern cloud architectures while maintaining continuity of critical systems. This includes legacy EDW migration, integration with cloud-based data lakes, and data extraction from legacy clinical, financial, and operational systems for analytics. 


Healthcare IT Leaders’ AI and analytics consulting practice is backed by industry-leading experts to help our clients uncover cost and efficiency savings in their data. 

Our team of highly qualified consultants can provide customized solutions to meet your organization’s unique needs, and we offer a range of services to support every step of the journey. 

By working with us, IT leadership can be confident that they are making the best decisions for their staff and patients. 

Ready to reap the benefits of analytics & AI services?

FAQs About Data Cloud & AI Consulting Solutions

Yes, we can step in to help with tactical tasks (i.e., implement Snowflake, develop interfaces, set up reporting, etc.) as well as provide strategic advisory services. 

Our team can help perform cross analysis of your dashboards and reports to uncover revenue cycle clinical optimization opportunities.

Yes, we can pull data from all other major applications such as your health systems ERP, HCM, etc. We can assist with tactical projects as well as ongoing call-center support for common Enterprise applications.

AI can analyze large amounts of patient data to detect patterns and suggest improved diagnoses and treatments. Generative AI has the potential to automate routine administrative tasks, freeing up doctors and nurses to spend more time with patients.

Cloud computing allows health systems to store and access medical records, images, and applications online. It provides scalable, on-demand services while reducing infrastructure and IT costs.

A data cloud is a cloud computing model that provides on-demand access to a shared pool of configurable computing resources like servers, storage, networks, applications and services. These resources can be rapidly provisioned and released with minimal management effort or service provider interaction. Data is stored on remote servers and accessed seamlessly via the internet rather than locally.

Your organization should implement a data cloud for several key reasons:

  1. It provides your organization with scalable and flexible data storage that can expand as your data needs grow.
  2. It enhances collaboration and productivity by allowing users across locations to securely access data from any device.
  3. It reduces your on-premises infrastructure costs by eliminating the need to purchase and maintain your own storage hardware.
  4. It keeps your data resilient through built-in backup, disaster recovery and failover mechanisms.
  5. It allows you to leverage advanced data analytics tools and machine learning offered by cloud providers.

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