Understanding UKG Multiple Assignments and The Benefits for Healthcare

In a healthcare organization, it is common to have an individual employee who has multiple wage structures by role and even different managers by assignment.  

The latest release of UKG Pro Workforce Management (2023.R2.1) includes new functionality to help managers more easily address this complexity, allowing for the assignment of multiple roles to an individual within an organization.  

What is “Multiple Assignments” for UKG?

This new feature, called “Multiple Assignments,” is visible in various parts of UKG Pro WFM, including Timekeeping, Scheduling, and Absence Management. 

An assignment can have several unique attributes that allow the organization to pay employees correctly, route notifications to different managers, and approve or schedule employees by assignment. 

A multiple assignment employee has one or more of the following: 

  • Unique employment contracts per assignment 
  • Varying base wage rate per assignment 
  • Varying reporting managers per assignment 
  • FSLA status per assignment (exempt/non-exempt) 
  • Pay from schedule based on assignment 
  • Unique context for configurable items: 
  • Business Structure 
  • Labor Categories 
  • Hire Date 
  • Custom Dates and Fields 
  • Transfer Sets 
  • Schedule Groups 

To cite a common healthcare example: some clinical analysts are also nurses. As a clinical analyst they are often salary-exempt employees and not eligible for overtime or pay differential; however, as a nurse they are eligible. Historically, we had to help our clients find alternative methods to track employees with multiple jobs. Now the employee can simply select whether they are punching time as a clinical analyst or nurse and be confident pay will track accurately. 

It is also common for an employee to have different pay policy configurations for similar roles. For example, an employee may be a Respiratory Therapist for 30 hours in one week and then a Lead Respiratory Therapist for the remaining 10 hours. Multiple Assignments now makes this easy for employees to punch and for health systems to track correctly. 

How will Multiple Assignments help health systems?

  1. Health systems can now correctly and efficiently pay employees with multiple jobs 
  2. It ensures that notifications are sent to the appropriate manager for approval, such as requests for time off 
  3. Frees up staff from manual tasks, allowing them to concentrate on more important initiatives 
  4. Helps health systems with pay compliance 

Is Multiple Assignments available on UKG Workforce Central?

No. To access Multiple Assignments, you must migrate from UKG Workforce Central (WFC) to UKG Pro Workforce Management f/k/a Dimensions. Keep in mind that WFC will reach the end of engineering in 2025, so it is important to begin your migration plan ASAP. 

Do I need a UKG services partner to implement Multiple Assignments?

It is a big lift to implement Multiple Assignments because of its complex configuration and impact on integrations. That is why we suggest healthcare clients consider a trusted UKG services partner, like Healthcare IT Leaders, to efficiently implement Multiple Assignments. 


UKG Solution Director Brian Myers has spent his entire career helping customers address their human capital management needs. In his role at Healthcare IT Leaders, he supports our clients from implementation through optimization, helping them maximize value from their UKG investments.