3 Key Takeaways from Our Epic Application Managed Services Webinar

Epic AMS Webinar

Healthcare organizations face new challenges in staffing their IT support needs. Many of our clients have begun to turn to Application Managed Services (AMS) as an alternative to traditional Epic staffing. With an effective AMS model, health systems of all sizes can improve customer support, satisfaction, and cost savings.

In our recent webinar, hosted by Executive Director, Epic, Doug Herr, and Executive Director, Managed Services, Andrew Lux, we explored the many ways AMS can help organizations reduce the complexity of managing Epic systems, increase provider and patient satisfaction, and produce cost savings. We also discussed examples of previous Epic AMS client scenarios that could be helpful for health systems of all sizes.

Our free webinar playback is available now, but here is our list of the top 3 takeaways:

  1. Application Managed Services are an option for all Epic projects, no matter how big or small. In the webinar, Doug and Andrew highlighted the range of our previous clients, including a growing organization that was unable to meet project demands, a health system migrating from Oracle Cerner to Epic, and a team that needed to transfer FTEs.
  2. Cost Savings and End User Satisfaction are king. Our attendees highlighted both as critical reasons they are considering, or already planning to implement an AMS model.
  3. Epic AMS is ever-evolving. Just as you upgrade your phone it’s important to remember your AMS model should not be stagnant. End-user satisfaction is vital, and if your staffing model is nimble, you can better set up your providers for success.

Check out our free on-demand webinar on Epic AMS Best Practices to learn more about how your organization could benefit versus a traditional staffing model.


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