Improve Epic Implementation Change Management Through Collaboration, Communication

Change management is a critical—and often misunderstood—component of most Epic implementations, and indeed, most software projects. If you’re an Epic Build Analyst, you may not think about change management much, except when it seems like an annoyance. But understanding and working effectively with the change management team is a huge part of being an Epic […]

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AI, Virtual Workforce Among Digital Trends Shaping Healthcare, Says Accenture

Accenture's 2017 forecast for Digital Health envisions a brave new world of healthcare bots, virtual workers and a vast ecosystem of tech partnerships and platforms. If the future sounds a bit cold and impersonal, Accenture cautions that a "People First" approach to technology will be critical for healthcare organizations along their digital transformation journey. Brian Kalis, Managing Director, Accenture […]

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5 Top Takeaways from Tech Workforce Surveys

You can learn a lot about the IT community by just asking a few questions.  Like how much money they earn, what they like about their jobs, and whether their employers are hiring. The answers to these types of questions (and more) can be found in some recent annual surveys from leading tech websites and […]

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What Are the New Continuing Epic Education (CEE) Requirements?

Completing an Epic certification is a great milestone, but it’s not the finish line in terms of your Epic education. Until recently, New Version Training (NVT) was the primary requirement for continuing your Epic learning and retaining your certification in a given application. But new requirements—issued near the end of 2016—update the Continuing Epic Education […]

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Epic UGM 2017 Planning Guide

If you are part of the Epic leadership team in your hospital or health system, then Epic UGM 2017 (Sept 25-28) should be on your calendar. Unlike the Epic XGM meetings, geared toward the analyst and trainer communities, the annual Epic UGM (Users’ Group Meeting) is designed for executives, directors, clinical staff and others with […]

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Use Town Halls to Engage, Inform Prior to EHR Go-Live

There are plenty of ways to share information across a large healthcare organization during an EHR implementation. One of the most effective, in my experience, are Town Hall meetings where users can ask questions and hear directly from leadership about the status and goals of the implementation. When done well, Town Halls should result in […]

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Healthcare IT Leaders Ranked by Forbes as One of America’s Best Professional Recruiting Firms

Healthcare IT Leaders, a leading healthcare IT staffing and consulting services company, was recognized today by Forbes, as one of America’s Best Professional Recruiting Firms. To compile its rankings, Forbes worked with analytics firm Statista to identify and review close to 4,000 U.S. recruiting companies. Then it invited thousands of recruiters, employees who have worked with […]

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