Leader to Leader: A New Podcast from Healthcare IT Leaders

Leader to Leader, a new podcast from Healthcare IT Leaders, features bi-weekly conversations with some of the brightest minds in healthcare.

In our inaugural episode (S1, E1), host Ben Hilmes sits down with the former Chief Operating Officer of OptumInsight, Doug Hires who shares his unique perspective on revenue cycle management, the shift toward outsourcing, and how best to leverage emerging technologies to improve efficiency.

Key topics discussed include:

  • Why healthcare organizations need to think holistically about revenue cycle management, and incorporate it throughout the entire healthcare delivery process.
  •  Opportunities for organizations to use RCM outsourcing to alleviate workforce challenges and reduce costs.
  • The persistent issue of claims denials and the importance of optimizing workflows and using automation to reduce denials and improve revenue cycle efficiency.

Each Leader to Leader podcast also features a deep dive into the leadership philosophies and backgrounds of our guests.  In this episode, Doug shares his perspective on self-awareness and emotional intelligence as critical traits for emerging leaders.

"Leadership is communication and listening, and then taking action with what you learned," he says.

Listen to our conversation with Doug using the player above or watch on You Tube.  Follow and subscribe on Spotify, Amazon, Google, Apple, and most other podcast networks for new episodes of Leader to Leader.