What Does Nuvolo’s Sweden Release Mean For You?

Infusion Pump

Efficiency, efficiency, efficiency. That’s what Nuvolo’s latest solution enhancements–the Sweden release–are designed to provide.

Efficiencies that yield better-aligned teams, risk reduction, improved cash flow, and more.

Sweden, the first of two Nuvolo releases planned for 2023, is available now; you can begin taking advantage of its enhancements right away.

But if you’re not sure where to start–what the enhancements are and how they benefit you– you’re in the right place.

Healthcare IT Leaders is the leading implementer of Nuvolo, a connected workplace asset management software built on the ServiceNow platform. This blog explains what the Sweden release offers and how it can make a real impact on your organization.

From Cybersecurity to Healthcare Technology Management (HTM) to Facilities, many of your departments will benefit from the product and workflow efficiencies that the Sweden release offers.

Parent-Child Relationships for Better Management of Critical Devices

In your organization, you probably have assets that have other assets inside of them. For example, an infusion pump also has a battery inside of the pump, rendering the battery critical to a patient’s well-being.

The Sweden release allows you to acknowledge the critical role of assets within other assets via the parent-child relationship feature. You can now designate a parent device, in this case, the infusion pump, and a child device, the battery.

The infusion pump is not a single asset, and the parent-child relationship feature allows you to make that clear. Now, you can better understand the risk associated with that entire device, and thus, take all necessary precautions.

Why This Matters

Better understanding and mitigation of risk. The parent-child relationship feature allows you to understand the bigger picture, and identify and plan ahead for any and all contingencies.

For example, the battery in the infusion pump could fail in the ER. Or, a fraudster could gain access to it because it’s a network-connected device.

The parent-child relationship allows you to identify true vulnerabilities in your organization and better pinpoint any issues.

Space Deactivation for More Efficient Use of Workforce and Resources

With the Sweden release, you can now deactivate all scheduled maintenance and maintenance plans associated with a space that you no longer use.

When a space is no longer in use, Nuvolo will detect any asset within that location and stop any associated work orders.

Why This Matters

Reduced mistakes and better use of resources. You will avoid sending staff to execute work orders in areas that have been deactivated.

This means your staff will work on only tasks and projects that have a true impact on your organization.

Planned Maintenance Enhancements for Time and Money Savings

Nuvolo’s Planned Maintenance functionality now offers more integrations to make your Facilities Management and HTM teams more efficient.

Of particular note is the Sweden releases’ parts planning capability. This workflow enables a smoother process for scheduling and executing work orders and planned maintenance.

It automatically attaches all of the required parts to corresponding work orders, connects those parts to your inventory, generates purchase orders ahead of schedule, and kicks off replenishment requests.

Prior to the Sweden release, planning for work orders and maintenance looked like following a checklist and sometimes running into the problem of having to execute a work order, but not knowing if you had the necessary parts.

Now, you can look into the future of what your parts requirements can be. You can schedule work orders and planned maintenance well ahead of time, and rest assured that your team will have everything they need to execute.

Why This Matters

Accelerated maintenance operations, better-aligned staff, and forward-looking perspective to make parts planning easier.

If your team can’t execute on scheduled maintenance, you’re not keeping up with all of your requirements. Your business is then at risk of not being compliant.

With parts planning, you don’t get caught short. The capability ensures you have all of the required parts well before you have to execute. This means better use and alignment of your staff and better forecasting of your cashflow, which your finance team will appreciate.


Consumable Data Format with New OT Security Dashboard

Your OT security data just got a whole lot easier to understand. Now, everything–Risk Assessment Status, Model and Device Security Lifecycle Profile mitigation process, queue record processing, and security events–is in one, easy-to-make-sense-of place.

Nuvolo Sweden OT Security
Source: What's Coming in Sweden

Why This Matters

The new dashboard enables faster decision-making with the confidence that you’re viewing all of the right data.

Rather than having to take time to search for data, the data you need is presented to you immediately–in a highly consumable format. And when you want to drill down into specific data points, you can do so quickly.

In other words, your team can get to and make use of critical data immediately, enabling faster data-driven decisions.

User-Friendly Floor Plan Views with Revit Integration

You can now publish 2D functional floor plans in Nuvolo’s Space product via their signature Revit Plugin.

The Revit Plugin provides more user-friendly, graphic, 3D views of your organization’s space and allows you to convert Revit drawings into readable 2D floor plans whenever needed.

Why This Matters

No more trying to make sense of AutoCad blueprints. You’ll enjoy a much richer client experience in the Space product.

The Revit Plugin produces highly functional renderings of your floor plan, making it easier for anyone on your team to view, understand, and make decisions about it.

High Personalization with Page Manager

This is more of a proactive enhancement, as it applies only to Nuvolo’s Real Estate tool for now. But it will get rolled out for healthcare applications. Here’s what you can expect.

The Sweden release’s Page Manager allows users to personalize their pages more than ever before. Now, instead of having to go outside of Nuvolo-supported products to track certain data, you can add or change fields yourself. You can also change the whole look and feel of a page within the supported environment of Nuvolo.

Why This Matters

Reduced time, complexity, and implementation costs.

Any custom changes you’d like to make to the base product–add fields, move the location of fields, change how the page looks–are supported by Nuvolo. In other words, you don’t have to spend an enormous amount of time and money to personalize your pages to your exact needs.

And when you have to upgrade your system, you don’t have to worry about all of that personalization slowing you down or making the upgrade more complex. Your customized code doesn’t have to be tested outside of the scheduled upgrade.

That’s high levels of personalization without the time, money, and frustration that other systems typically require. Win-win.

Questions About What the Sweden Release Means for Your Organization?

Healthcare IT Leaders is here to help. We are a Nuvolo Premier Partner and its largest implementor so please let us know how we can help you take full advantage of all of the new Sweden enhancements.


Martin Coleman is Healthcare IT Leaders' Executive Director, Nuvolo & ServiceNow Practice. He is a former Senior Director, Global Strategic Alliances at Nuvolo with 15+ years of experience in Professional and Managed Services.