16 Ways the Patient Experience is Going Digital

No patient wants to spend time in a hospital. But making the patient experience more comfortable, efficient and enjoyable through design and technology is a major focus for healthcare institutions these days. Some of the changes are simple—like putting more electrical outlets and USB ports in patient rooms for charging mobile devices. Others require investment […]

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6 Takeaways From The Salesforce 2016 Connected Patient Report

Increasingly tech savvy healthcare consumers are embracing wearable devices and telemedicine, and want to interact with their physicians using modern technology. Still, a new survey, commissioned by Salesforce, finds most interact and communicate with their providers through traditional channels—in person and by phone. The survey of 1,700 insured adults was conducted online by Harris Poll […]

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5 Ways Epic Consultants Can Boost Their Marketability

While jobs for Epic consultants in Radiant, Cupid, Beaker and Beacon modules are in high demand right now, all Epic consultants, no matter their certification, can boost their marketability. Epic’s market share is up and large implementation projects are ongoing across the U.S., but there is still plenty of competition for individual roles on a […]

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What is Cerner HealtheIntent?

Cerner HealtheIntent is a cloud-based, programmable population health management platform that is vendor-agnostic, which means it can receive data from any EHR, existing HIT system and other data sources, such as pharmacy benefits managers or insurance claims. The near real-time platform enables health care systems to aggregate, transform and reconcile data across the continuum of […]

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5 Reasons to Attend Epic UGM 2016

An Adventure in Wonderland is the theme for this year’s Epic UGM - User Group Meeting. The Epic UGM 2016 dates are Sept. 19 – 22, and the conference is likely to draw nearly 20,000 visitors to Epic’s Verona, Wisconsin headquarters. The event provides a forum for valuable discussions with Epic staff and customers, and […]

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8 Tips for Epic Staff Retention

Hiring and staffing for an Epic project is a significant undertaking, as outlined in our new eBook, Building an Epic Team. But after Go Live, hospitals and health systems face a different challenge:   retaining their top Epic staff members for the long-haul. “If you haven’t done your homework to retain your talent, you’re taking your eye […]

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5 Things You May Not Know About Software Developers

Stack Overflow touts their 2016 survey as the most comprehensive developer survey ever conducted.  And who are we to argue? Stack is a web-based community of 4.7 million programmers who post and answer questions, sharing advice and code on a reddit-style bulletin board, and their entire community is invited to participate in their annual survey. […]

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