Our 15 Most Popular Posts About Epic Systems

epic-sign-blogWe know your time is limited, so maybe you haven’t read every post we’ve ever written about Epic Systems. That's okay because our most popular, most shared, and most read posts about Epic are now all in one place—right here. Enjoy this Epic compilation.

How to Become Epic Certified
In healthcare IT circles, Epic certification is one of the most desired credentials you can put on a resume. This post, our most popular, explains some of the ins-and-outs of getting certified.

Boost Your Career with Epic Training in These Related Modules
Some Epic modules just seem to go together, like Peanut Butter and Jelly. We outline some of the more common certification pairings (e.g. Optime and Anesthesia) that can boost a consultant’s marketability.

12 Unusual Facts about Epic Systems
Think you know everything about Epic? Our 12 fun facts about the company’s meteoric growth and quirky culture may surprise you!

See our Epic Consulting and Permanent Jobs here.

5 Must-See High-Paying Epic Salaries
In this post, we offer up average pay data for common Epic titles, including Analysts, Project Managers and Trainers.

What is Epic Healthy Planet?
Learn about Epic’s entry into the Population Health management category.

Test Your Epic Module Knowledge
From Ambulatory to Willow, we test your knowledge of Epic Systems’ most popular software modules.  Um… what does Tapestry do again?

What is Epic Beaker?
Speaking of modules, this post describes the Epic module for managing laboratory information.

Advice for First-Time Epic Consultants:  Making a Career Change
FTEs with Epic skills often wonder about consulting life and if it’s right for them. So we asked a first-time Epic consultant why she decided to change careers and what advice she had for others.

5 Reasons to Attend Epic UGM 2016
The 2016 conference has passed, but our post offers a good refresher on some of the benefits of UGM—this year or any year.

8 Tips for Epic Staff Retention
Hiring a great Epic team takes a lot of time and effort, but so does keeping that team engaged and motivated. Our 8 best tips for retention are here.

What is Epic Rover?
An overview of the features and benefits of one of Epic’s most popular mobile apps.

6 Health IT Companies with Amazing Perks
Epic Systems’ unconventional campus and employee sabbatical program are noted in our roundup of large health IT companies with cool benefits.

What is Epic Radiant?
Another in our Epic module explainer series, this post describes Epic’s radiology information system.

Hiring for an Epic Implementation? Start with a Plan
Experts from leading Epic hospitals offer their best tips for building an Epic staffing plan.

Through the Looking Glass:  An Epic UGM ’16 Recap in Pictures
We scanned the Instagram posts of Epic UGM attendees and found a lot of wacky pics.

Bonus posts: While these didn't make our list of most popular, here are a few more Epic posts still worth a read!
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