Healthcare IT Leaders Awarded Contract from GSA for Health IT Services

health-it-gsa-sinHealthcare IT Leaders, a national IT consulting and recruitment firm for leading healthcare employers, today announced it has been awarded the GSA IT Schedule 70 – Health IT Special Item Number (SIN) 132-56 for Healthcare IT Services (GSA HITS)

Procurement officers, agency contracting officers and other buyers of health IT services will be able to use the new GSA HITS to identify qualified health IT firms, such as Healthcare IT Leaders, with demonstrated experience in delivering high-quality health IT services at a competitive cost.

The base period of the contract (#GS-35F-096GA) is from Nov 30, 2016 – Nov 29, 2021. Healthcare IT Leaders is recognized by GSA as a Small Business vendor for the entire base period of the contract.

Who Can Use SIN 132-56

All U.S. government agencies with health IT requirements can use SIN 132-56 to procure health IT services.
The contract also includes a Cooperative Purchase agreement so that other federal entities, states, counties, municipalities, cities, towns, tribal governments, public authorities, school districts, colleges and other institutions of higher education, council of governments, regional or interstate government entities may buy under the contract.

Academic Medical Centers, Not-for-Profit Health Systems, Health Information Exchanges (HIE), and any hospital or health system that has utilized federal “Meaningful Use” subsidies are among the entities that may be eligible to purchase services with the contract.

“This is a wide-ranging vehicle that offers additional speed, flexibility and electronic purchasing options for governmental entities that use health IT services and other healthcare providers that receive funds from the federal government,” said Bob Bailey, Managing Principal, Healthcare IT Leaders.

Covered Services Under SIN 132-56

The GSA Health IT SIN 132 56 provides for the following services:

  • Electronic Health Records (EHR)
  • Innovative Health IT solutions
  • Connected Health Solutions
  • Emerging Health IT Research
  • Health Information Exchanges
  • Health Analytics
  • Personal Health Information Management (PHI)
  • Health Informatics
  • Other Health IT Services (i.e., but not limited to EMR, ERP, CRM, HCM, Training, Analytics and Testing)

Healthcare IT Leaders offers its clients this full suite of health IT services under the Health IT SIN 132 56. Healthcare IT Leaders encourages its industry partners and clients to utilize Healthcare IT Leaders in the support of our nation’s healthcare challenges.

"Our demonstrated experience and vetting by GSA allows our customers to reduce risks and costs traditionally associated with long-term and large-scale IT projects,” said Bailey.

The Defense Health Agency (DHA) has entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with GSA as its singular Health IT procurement solution. GSA projects that government agencies, such as DHA and Department of Health and Human Services, and the Veterans Health Administration will spend over $3 billion annually for Health IT services.

To review pricesheet and learn more, contact Keith Marsh, Healthcare IT Leaders, SVP, Public Sector,