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Time Management Methods for Traveling Consultants

If you’re a traveling consultant, you’re already aware that time management is vital when you’re on the road week after week. Along with meeting deadlines and staying productive, traveling consultants have to factor in other obstacles—such as getting enough sleep, flight delays, or navigating an unfamiliar city. Our team of

Packing and Travel Tips for Traveling Consultants [Infographic]

Business travel can seem glamorous, but when you are at the airport week in and week out, the road definitely loses some of its luster. Experts say creating a repeatable travel routine and making efficient use of your time can significantly reduce your travel stress.  Most of our consultants travel

Lessons from the Road: My First Year as a Traveling Epic Consultant

When we first introduced our blog readers to Pam, she was a freshly-minted Epic consultant starting her very first assignment. Her advice to other new consultants ranks as one of our most read posts. Now Pam has over a year and a half of consulting experience and a couple of

Traveling Consultants Should Have a Plan for Flight Delays

Winter weather wreaked havoc on travel this past week with two major blizzards causing flight delays across the Northeast. Such delays can be a source of frustration and anxiety, but they shouldn’t be a surprise to well-traveled consultants, many of whom fly weekly. Over the course of a year, almost a

5 Ways to Handle Jet Lag as a Traveling Consultant

Caffeine might be the typical way you start your day, but you may need stronger methods to greet the day when traveling to a new location as a traveling IT consultant. Changing time zones can present you with serious jet lag. Jet lag symptoms can vary, but if you'd like

5 Tips to Travel Better

Even frequent travelers can travel better. As a health IT consultant, you may experience shuffling through security checks, packing light and waiting in airports twice a week or more, but there’s still hope to travel more comfortably. The new products, features and ideas below may make flights go more smoothly,

6 Great Holiday Gifts for Frequent Travelers

Frequent travelers – like healthcare IT consultants – probably just want a few days to rest for the holidays. But since you can’t give vacation days as a gift, give frequent travelers something designed to make them feel more comfortable or luxurious. Here are six gifts the frequent traveler in

Top 6 Travel Apps for Health IT Consultants

If you’re a healthcare IT consultant, you likely already rely on mobile devices to connect with your employer, coworkers and family back home while you’re on the road with your latest assignment. Since our recruiters regularly check in with consultants they’ve placed, they hear about all the tools and tricks

Prepare Your Children for Your Consultant Job Travel

When you accept a job as a healthcare IT consultant, you may have to be away from your family for days or weeks at a time. Whether you’re back home on the weekends or work straight through the assignment, your children may not understand why such an important member of

Stay HIT fit during travel assignments

HIT consulting certainly has its perks – new challenges, locations and environments – but some consultants may have trouble staying healthy while traveling. Unfamiliar territory and long hours often mean you might be too tired to look for a gym, and the only exercise you have in mind is to

Road rules: Six tips for healthy eating while traveling

When you’re traveling, food temptation is down every road and around every corner. Billboards beg you to load up at their buffets, and familiar fast food signs may whisper, “It’s okay to eat here. You know us.” But when you’re a healthcare IT consultant, all of that heavy food may

8 Reasons Consultants Choose Healthcare IT Leaders

By 2030, there will be a global shortage of more than 85 million tech workers, according to one recent estimate. That means opportunity—and choices—for job seekers. If you’ve got marketable IT skills, and a reasonably polished resume or LinkedIn profile, then you’ve probably noticed that recruiters want to be your