6 Great Holiday Gifts for Frequent Travelers

iStock_000007765215XSmall-e1384806847235Frequent travelers – like healthcare IT consultants – probably just want a few days to rest for the holidays. But since you can’t give vacation days as a gift, give frequent travelers something designed to make them feel more comfortable or luxurious. Here are six gifts the frequent traveler in your life will find thoughtful, unique – and useful.

For the technology-minded
The retractable iPhone 3-in-1 USB charger and sync cable ($24) allows the frequent traveler to carry fewer cables when he or she is on the road, and charges all iPhones, iPods, iPads, most Bluetooth headsets and some Android and Blackberry devices. The Anker 25W/5A 5-Port USB Wall Charger ($20) includes ports for Samsung Galaxies, Galaxy Notes, Kindle, Droid, BTC One XVS, iPhones and more. A travel power strip ($10-$20) will also come in handy for an IT consultant.

For the luxurious lady
For the traveling lady in your life, a pashmina wrap ($50 and up) can act as an airline blanket or throw for naps in your hotel room, and it’s also wearable as a scarf or shawl for weather changes while traveling. Made from pashmina wool and silk, pashmina fabric is breathable and natural.

For the frequent flier
The Pack-It Custom Travel Bottle Set ($18) includes four (empty) 3 oz. plastic squeeze bottles, six interchangeable lids, two pill boxes and a toothbrush holder in a one-quart transparent case that meets TSA requirements for carry-ons. To kick up your gift-giving, purchase the Aesop Boston gift set for $75, which includes eight luxury travel-sized essentials, including mouthwash and items from the company’s Classic skin care line.

For the outdoor enthusiast
Give the frequent traveler the gift they knew they needed but never got around to purchasing – the Totes Men’s Blue Line Golf-Size Vented Canopy Compact Umbrella ($20). Even though the product name says “Men's,” the black, navy/white and steel blue colors are perfectly unisex.

For the clothes horse
Personalize the Hotel Laundry Bag ($18) from The Laundress New York so your favorite traveler can keep clean items separate from dirty ones. It easily hangs on the door, compresses in a suitcase and is allergen free. Throw in a Wash & Stain Bar ($6) for spot cleaning, hand washing or laundering on the go.

For the caffeine connoisseur
The Travel Tumbler by Thermos stays cool to the touch on the outside, is spill-proof and has insulated double walls that are also sweat-proof, while the vacuum-sealed Contigo Autoseal West Loop Stainless Steel Travel Mug ($20-$24) keeps beverages hot for six hours and cold for 18 hours. For the coffee or tea connoisseur, buy the Travel Press by Bodum ($20), an on-the-go French press that comes in a variety of colors.