Top 6 Travel Apps for Health IT Consultants

If you’re a healthcare IT consultant, you likely already rely on mobile devices to connect with your employer, coworkers and family back home while you’re on the road with your latest assignment. Since our recruiters regularly check in with consultants they’ve placed, they hear about all the tools and tricks that help consultants travel easily and stay organized while they’re on the go. We asked our recruiters about which travel apps they hear consultants recommend most often, and these are the top six, which help them pack bags, track flight statuses, find a cab, fill out expense reports and more.

FlightTrack Pro
Available for iOS, Android and Blackberry devices, FlightTrack Pro allows consultants to check their flight’s status wherever they are. With more than 3,000 airports listed and 1,400 airlines available, monitor weather delays, manage flight status in real time and view airport terminal maps to help you find your way. You can add push alerts to notify you when any of your scheduled flights change status.

Available in 25 cities in the U.S. and comprised of a network of limo drivers, Uber is a car service app that allows you to find a private car and driver or taxi with one tap of your phone. Your phone’s geotargeting functionality lets the app know where you are and lets you request a car or SUV nearby. The app also tracks the driver’s name and car information, adding an extra dose of safety, displays clear pricing for your request and is cashless, which means you can store your credit card information in the app to utilize the service again. Plus, you can even split your fare with another Uber user.

Consultant works means expense reports, which can be completed easier with the Expensify app. Simply take pictures of your receipts, then organize them by coding them to certain accounts, clients/projects and custom fields. With the app, you can quickly add cash expenses, automatically import card transactions and capture mileage and time. Those expenses can be synced with multiple accounting software programs and other receipt apps, and you can even compile a simple expense report at the end of your trip in a PDF or email.

Track your hotel, credit card, car rental and airline reward points all in one spot with the AwardWallet app. Available for iPhone and Android, AwardWallet supports 612 loyalty programs, which lets you avoid unnecessary emails, reward expirations and account closures. No Wi-Fi is needed to utilize the app, and you can also review travel itineraries from it.

Even if your staffing agency books your flight, you still want the best airline seat in the house, right? Seatguru displays airline seat maps, flight shopping and flight information, letting you to hone in on available seats (including seat upgrades), where the electrical outlets are on the plane and where the best view is for the in-flight movie.

Only available for iOS devices, PackingPro is frequently lauded as a fan-favorite app, designed to make completing packing to-do lists a breeze. Create a trip name and select from more than 800 items and actions to add to your checklist, from watering your houseplants to packing your sunscreen. You can “automagically” create lists based on conditions of your trip, such as temperature, destination and clothes-washing preferences, and there’s even a sample packing list for business people such as yourself.