What is a Consultant Advisor?

"Everybody knows what a recruiter is," says Christine Woods. "What makes us different at Healthcare IT Leaders is that we are Consultant Advisors."

Okay. But just what is a Consultant Advisor?

"It's someone who is going to build a relationship with a candidate and help ensure his or her success," explains Justin Couch, Director of Consultant Advisors for Healthcare IT Leaders.

"Matching candidate skills on paper to a job description is basic recruiting, and that's an important part of what we do. But our Advisors should go beyond that to help candidates find roles that fit their lifestyle needs and their career goals," said Couch.

Consultant Advisors also go the extra mile to support consultants in the field, acting as a sounding board for concerns and challenges, and helping them find their next role after a contract ends.

"The more I know about my consultants, the better service I can provide for them, so it's valuable to learn who they are as people and discuss what goals they have personally and professionally," says Consultant Advisor Neika Powell.

"We definitely, at Healthcare IT Leaders, make sure that our clients and our consultants are happy," says Powell.