UKG Dimensions Latest Release (R9 U3): What’s In It for Healthcare Clients?

Editors note: This blog was originally published on May 6, 2023. Since then, UKG Dimensions has been renamed to UKG Pro Workforce Management or UKG Pro WFM.

Last July, UKG released its Dimensions R9 Update to customers. Following its quarterly release cadence, UKG is now rolling out the Dimensions R9 Update 3 (R9U3). Below, we’re answering commonly asked questions about R9U3 and what it means for healthcare clients. 

When will R9U3 Release?

It's here! UKG’s newest R9 release began its roll out in April and will continue through June 2023. 

What is included in UKG Dimensions WFM R9 Update 3?

For healthcare clients, R9U3 offers several key updates to enhance the user experience for managers, admins, and end-users: 

Timecard audits: Mark as reviewed 

No longer will timecard audits display “Punch – Edit” after a manager marks punch exceptions in an employee’s timecard as reviewed, instead it will now say “Marked as reviewed – Add” or “Marked as reviewed – Delete” depending on the action.  Pro Tip:  This is not retroactive - only punch exceptions that are marked as reviewed starting with R9U3 will use this new behavior.  

Enhanced security with dual factor authentication 

To strengthen security, users will now be required to provide a secondary device for dual factor authentication. Similarly, minimum password lengths will be raised to 15 characters. A minor change, but one that may cause increased IT tickets as users look to reset their longer, forgotten passwords.  

9/80 pay code splits and default “work week” timeframes 

A large update, but one that will only affect a small percentage of healthcare employers, pay code edits which fall on the “work week” divide will split into the correct work weeks. Employees with 9/80 shifts will now easily be able to see their hours on their homepage, giving them increased visibility into their next paycheck.  

For example, a pay code edit from 9am-7pm is entered on the day of the employee’s work week divide. The employee’s work week divide time is set to 12pm so three hours of the pay code edit is allocated to the first work week and seven hours are allocated to the second work week.  

Further, reports now support Work Week timeframes and can be used to view correct totals for 9/80 employees. 

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Attestation punch tile enhancements 

Punch tile updates now offer a more streamlined experience for Attestation employees – instead of selecting the appropriate punch from the Type drop-down list, all punch buttons are now displayed on the tile. This UX improvement should save employees a few clicks when submitting a punch. 

Schedule score 

Managers can now weigh coverage levels, budget, and employee preferences to make more informed scheduling decisions with UKG Dimensions new Schedule Score functionality. Schedule Score definitions are configurable by admins with categories including, Coverage, Employee Preference, Budget, Cost, and Hours. 

Assign up to three open shifts in the Call List 

Managers can now select and assign multiple open shifts at once, whereas previously they could only select one open shift at a time. 

Improved employee Swap Requests 

Employees with multiple assignments can now offer and accept a secondary assignment shift that follows the assignment’s approval process. 

UKG Talk safe in-policy environment 

In R9U1, UKG rolled out UKG Talk to allow for better communication between and with employees. R9U3 brings a minor update, allowing employees to communicate, while also auto-moderating negative comments and posts for admin review.   

Do I need a UKG partner to implement R9U3 updates?

Many of the important updates from R9U3 will require configurations from your UKG admins; however, most will be minor and easy to implement. A trusted UKG services partner, like Healthcare IT Leaders, can provide optimization services and expertise to further enhance your UKG Dimensions instance beyond the R9U3 release. Our team of UKG trainers can also support your organization to ensure smooth user adoption.


UKG Solution Advisor Brian Myers has spent his entire career helping customers address their human capital management needs. In his role at Healthcare IT Leaders, he supports our clients from implementation through optimization, helping them maximize value from their UKG investments.