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Changing Careers: How to Transition from Clinician to Health IT Professional

While building out my team of Epic trainers at a past implementation, one of my best hires was a Nursing Manager from inside the organization. She had no formal background in software training, but her clinical knowledge and understanding of nursing workflows, combined with her natural communication and teaching skills, made her an outstanding trainer. […]

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How Are Health Systems Investing In These Emerging IT Trends?

Artificial Intelligence is capturing the imagination of healthcare futurists, but hospital CIOs say AI won’t capture their budget dollars for the foreseeable future. Cybersecurity, on the other hand, is an important focus for 2018, according to a new survey covering more than 20 major U.S. health systems and conducted by the Pittsburgh-based Center for Connected […]

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Why Enterprise Asset Management is Moving to the IT Department

Enterprise Asset Mgt

Equipment breakdowns occur regularly in most hospitals. But the maintenance of these assets is often divided among multiple stakeholders within a hospital. Biomedical engineers may be responsible for keeping medical devices running, while IT staff has domain authority over most software and hardware. Responsibility for other assets, ranging from refrigerators to televisions in waiting rooms, […]

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9 Things Hospitals Can Do Now to Tighten Data Security

Hospitals are struggling to keep their sensitive data under lock and key. In fact, nearly 90 percent of all healthcare organizations experienced at least one data breach within the past two years, according a May Poneman Institute study, and data breach costs are expected to hit $2.1 trillion globally by 2019. Hospitals are hiring experienced security information pros […]

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A New First Step: Do You Know Where Your PHI Data Is?

Healthcare CEOs and CIOs, their IT consultants, outsourced services and other vendors are investing considerable time and resources improving data security, with a sharp focus on protected healthcare information (PHI).  No surprise, since executives for all these organizations are accountable for the PHI data they touch, regardless of where a breach may surface along the […]

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How Hospitals Can Identify Health IT Benefits [Infographic]

In the beginning, the benefits of health IT for patients and their families were to reduce paperwork, help doctors coordinate patients' care, protect their patient info, reduce unnecessary tests, ensure the correct medication is prescribed and allow patients to access their own records. Years after the inception of moving paper medical records to electronic, health IT benefits […]

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9 Must-Read Quotes on Security from Healthcare CISOs

As more healthcare organizations realize the need for a CISO in addition to a CIO, the CISO is becoming healthcare organizations’ most valuable player against data breaches. These Chief Information Security Officer positions are hard to fill, and when a business does find them, they’re hard to keep, said a USA Today article on the […]

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