Nominate Your Favorite Health IT Blogs of 2016

Top BloggerJust how many blogs and bloggers are there worldwide? No one really knows, but estimates are in the 100s of millions, including several million who may live in their parents' basements.

Well, honestly, we don't have the time or resources to read millions of blogs so we're asking for your help. We want you to identify your favorite blogs devoted to health information technology (HIT).  Tell us what are your go-to blogs and/or who are the HIT bloggers that make you think, learn and even laugh about our industry.

Your favorites along with ours will be added to our list of the Best HIT Blogs of 2016.  (These are our choices for 2015 and 2014.)

The definition of a HIT blog should be fairly straight-forward. We're looking for any site or blogger that writes consistently on topics such as:

  • Electronic medical record software systems
  • Healthcare IT industry trends
  • Healthcare information exchanges (HIE)
  • Mobile healthcare
  • HIT Consulting
  • Data security and analytics
  • Outcomes related to health technology
  • And other HIT related subject matter

Make Your Voice Heard

To nominate a blog, write its name in the comments box below this article, Tweet us @hitleaders, let us know on LinkedIn or drop us a line on Facebook. We look forward to seeing your choices!