HIT Leaders Team Shares Happy Thoughts for the Holidays

We’re powered by (great!) people, and our employees  are supported by their own network of family members and friends. And no time is that more apparent than around the holidays.

We surveyed the Healthcare IT Leaders employees to find out what they’re most looking forward to for the holidays, and here’s what some said (Hint: A lot of answers involve food!):

Christine Woods, Consultant Advisor: “It always comes down to family for me – seeing my children rush down the stairs Christmas morning is the very, very best. Santa builds a wall out of cardboard blocks for them to break down before they see their gifts. This year is extra special because my big brothers and their families will be joining us. It is the first time in five years we’ve all been together. I can’t wait!”

Lindsey Gray, Consultant Advisor: “I am most looking forward to going home to Ohio to be with my family.”

Kathy Pilkey, National Sales Director: “My Christmas top 5 list is the Christmas Tree Santas charity giveaway, a new favorite holiday tradition; the standing rib roast for Christmas dinner at Nana’s; spending time with our sons, Chris and Patrick, while they’re home from college; celebrating our 29th wedding anniversary on Dec. 21; and giving, to folks we love and in need.”

Trish Brashear, Account Manager: “We do a cookie bake day where we stay in our PJs and make (and eat) different cookies all day. My kids love it. This year, I’m also looking forward to my 1-year-old seeing the Lake Lanier Festival of Lights for the first time.”

Caitlin Gentry, Consultant Advisor: “I’m excited about Christmas Eve at my grandmother’s house where we will have 30-plus family members together for dinner. The girls always do a very competitive ornament exchange, and the guys do a beer exchange. Ornaments aren’t so much my thing, so I’ve jumped over to the beer exchange.”

Bob Bailey, Principal: “Over the Christmas holiday, I enjoy spending time with my family in New York City because there is simply no place on earth like it for the energy, fun and overall atmosphere. Oh, and I can't forget how much I enjoy a real Christmas tree and the fun we have each year picking one out as a family and decorating it. I also enjoy lighting up the house and yard with Christmas lights.”

Ted Justiss, Principal: “I love going to the North Point Christmas service with family. Also enjoy hanging with family and seeing all the nephews and nieces play football together.”

Justin Couch, Consultant Advisor: “Eggnog.”

Carl Lorenzetti, Account Manager: “My family looks forward to Christmas Eve dinner and 'The Feast of Seven Fishes.' This is an Italian, now Italian-American tradition, 'Cena de Vigilia (Christmas Eve dinner),' a time when many fasted and could not eat meat until after midnight mass. Instead of meat, we would cook seven different varieties of fish, some say for the seven sacraments, others for seven days in the week.”

Trisha Bjurmark, Consultant Advisor: "I am looking forward to the wonder and excitement in my children’s eyes. It will be our first Christmas in a new home, just the four of us. Looking forward to creating wonderful family memories. I am also excited that our family is able to select the holiday charity we donate to this year through my husband's work."