Expert Webinar: Modernizing Health IT Testing and QA

Software TestingAdoption of EHRs and related health IT systems is at an all-time high, but many hospitals are lagging in the testing processes, people, and tools required to ensure software quality and usability.

"Some healthcare organizations see risk in adopting new testing practices," says Healthcare IT Leaders VP of Quality, Mike Cooper, "while others want to defer the expense of new testing tools and additional personnel."


"These companies may be overlooking the opportunity cost of continuing their outdated and inefficient processes. There is a great deal of cost savings and application improvement to be had for healthcare organizations that adopt best practices from other industries," says Cooper.

Best practices for healthcare quality assurance and testing are a primary focus of an expert webinar hosted by Healthcare IT Leaders and QASymphony on Tuesday, August 30 at 2pm.

Mike and Kevin Dunne, VP of Strategy at QA Symphony will cover a range of topics including:

• Testing in Cloud hosted environments and software
• EHR, EMR Interface Testing and Interoperability
• Security, Compliance and Government Regulatory Mandates
• Digital Health Testing – mobile, web, tele-medicine, IOT, big data and analytics
• The evolving role of testing to focus on business/revenue assurance, and user/patient/member/provider experience

The webinar is a must for healthcare executives involved in software quality, testing and security, as well as testing managers and testers.