The Evolution of Smart Healthcare: 2018 Predictions from Deloitte

An aging population combined with advances in medical therapy and rising labor costs are expected to drive healthcare spending 4.1% higher over the next four years, according to a new Deloitte report: 2018 Global Health Care Outlook: The evolution of smart health care.

Predicted technical innovations, such as robotics and AI, come with a high price tag, but should also play a role in improving quality and creating efficiency.

“With rising costs and shrinking margins, the health care sector is looking for innovative, cost-effective ways to provide the quality, outcomes, and value consumers seek,” said Dr. Terri Cooper, Deloitte Global Health Care sector leader. “Patient-centered, technology-enabled health care can help care providers work smarter and not just harder.”

The infographic below highlights key trends that Deloitte predicts will lead to smart healthcare in 2018.