5 New Year’s Resolutions for HIT Consultants

The New Year promises plenty of new job opportunities for healthcare IT professionals.

January is also a great time for job seekers to set goals for personal and professional improvement. Whether you want to kick old, bad habits to the curb, or learn new skills that improve your marketability, our resolutions for HIT consultants will help you get the New Year started right.

Improve Your Interview Skills
Most hiring takes place over the phone, so read up on our tips to ace your next phone interview. To avoid spooking your interviewer, make sure you’re aware of the ways that candidates can scare hiring managers.

Organize Your Paperwork
In anticipation of a new contract or job offer in 2014, ensure you have up-to-date contact information for all of your professional references.  See our other “must-knows” for job references here. While you’re getting your references in order, make sure you can find those childhood immunization records, which are a prerequisite for most hospital hiring.

Add Epic Certifications
EMR know-how is in demand, and hospitals with Epic Systems are hiring Epic-certified talent. If you don’t have this critical credential, learn how to become Epic certified. And if you are Epic-certified, then consider adding new certifications or keeping your skills current with New Version Training (NVT).

Ease Your Consulting Transition
If you plan to take your first contract job in 2014, prep on the differences between the consulting life and full-time hospital employment. Hit the ground running with our tips for adjusting to a new consulting job and to a new city.

Get Healthy
Resolve to stay fit and eat right while you work and travel. We’ve got some ideas for maintaining a fitness routine on the road. Also, see our advice for avoiding fast-food temptation while eating healthy in airports and on the plane.