5 Apps We Want to See in the New Epic App Store

Epic Systems confirms that it’s planning to launch its own app store called the App Exchange AppOrchard. While few other details are available, that isn’t stopping us from putting our own app ideas in motion. With Epic consultants and end users in mind, here are five apps we’d like to see in the new Epic app store.

angry-nerdsAngry Nerds
Hundreds of Epic consultants have been trapped in your hospital for six months (or longer) – and they are angry. Fling them at your stacks of paper records and legacy systems, and watch the rubble fly. Boost their abilities by adding extra Epic certifications, and increase their productivity with caffeine-infused Red Bull and Mountain Dew power-ups.

nurse-vs-zombieNurses vs. Zombies
Hold down the night shift while protecting your wing of the hospital from an incoming horde of patients-turned-zombies. They’re roaming the halls with their gowns half-open (okay, mostly open) and they WON’T let go of their call buttons unless you take action. Track their movements in Epic via their barcoded ID bands, but you’ll never defeat them. Your goal:  Make it to the end of your shift and survive for another day.

map-hospitalMap My Hospital
It’s your first consulting day at a new client—and you’re completely lost. You don’t know where to park, where your team is or what floor you’re supposed to be on, much less where you can find a vending machine or bathroom. No problem. Map My Hospital tells you where you are in any U.S. hospital—and more importantly, where you are supposed to be. Best of all, with its GPS tracking features, we can actually find you when we need you.

goliveyogaGo-Live Yoga
So you're taking the entire health system live in a Big Bang when you should be doing a phased launch. The CIO is stressed and thousands of users are staring at their screens like they've never even seen a computer before. In other words, it's a typical Go-Live. But you can ease the tension in the command center with our Go-Live Yoga app. Created exclusively for trainers and Go-Live support staff, the app helps you find inner peace while everyone else is complaining about workflows and forgetting their passwords. Namaste.

icd-10ICD-10 with Friends
Coding has never been this much fun—or complex! Play ICD-10 with Friends and earn points by turning 13,000 diagnostic codes into 68,000 codes. The new version of the game, originally scheduled to launch Oct 2014, has been delayed until Oct 2015. But while you wait, you can still enjoy our other popular apps:  ICD-9 with Friends and Cross Coding Crush Saga.

(Editors Note: This article is updated to reflect Epic's announced naming of the project: the AppOrchard)