10 Medical Innovations Transforming Patient Care in 2015 [Infographic]

With telemedicine interest on the rise and mHealth and wellness device regulation in the news, patients and providers alike are interested in what medical innovations are up next. Moreover, everyone wants to know what medical devices, procedures and technology will make life - and health - easier in 2015 and beyond.

Cleveland Clinic compiled its 9th annual list of Top 10 Medical Innovations that are likely to have major impact on improving patient care in 2015, selected by a panel of 110 Cleveland Clinic physicians and scientists and announced during Cleveland Clinic’s 2014 Medical Innovation Summit. For nomination, each medical innovation must meeting the following criteria:

  • Have significant clinical impact and patient benefit in comparison to current practices
  • Have a high probability of commercial success
  • Be available on the market in 2015
  • Have significant human interest in its application or benefits.

From improved ambulances to worldwide vaccine availability to therapy breakthroughs, their findings are in the infographic below.