10 Health IT CIOs to Follow on Twitter

While our country's Chief Executive finds Twitter a powerful and effective megaphone, healthcare IT executives appear less inclined to share their thoughts 140 characters at a time.

Twitter has more than 300 million active users, many of whom are technology executives, but only a handful of top IT leaders in hospitals and health systems use the platform consistently.

With Twitter approaching its 11th anniversary (March 21), we asked Sue Schade, a longtime CIO and co-founder of StarBridge Advisors, for her thoughts on the subject.

Schade was a relatively early adopter who started tweeting in 2009 to see what value it had. After abandoning it early on she decided to try it again in 2013. Unlike many who have tried and abandoned Twitter, she makes time regularly to check-in and share ideas on social media.

"I understand why there aren't a lot of CIOs on Twitter," says Schade. "Their time is valuable and they may view it, frankly, as a waste of time. My experience is different. I use it to quickly find out what's going on in the news and in politics, and it's a useful tool for sharing content and ideas."

Her advice to colleagues who may be reluctant to jump into the social media pool is to simply try it and be disciplined about usage. "When I started on Twitter, I built time into my schedule daily to engage in it and develop the habit. I set a daily goal then to post something new and original and to retweet something that's useful to others. That's a formula that has worked for me and over time, I have grown a following and built my network."

Schade is one of our top 10 health IT CIOs to follow on Twitter. Others who share her dedication to the social platform are found below along with some of their recent tweets.

1. Chris Longhurst, MD, Chief Information Officer (and a board-certified pediatrician) at UC San Diego Health, San Diego, California.

2. Shafiq Rab, Chief Information Officer at Rush University Medical Center, Chicago, Illinois.

3. Marc Probst, Chief Information Officer at Intermountain Healthcare, Salt Lake City, Utah

4. David Muntz, StarBridge Advisors, former CIO at Baylor Health Care System and Texas Health Resources

5. David Chou, Chief Information and Digital Officer, Children's Mercy Hospitals and Clinics, Kansas City, Missouri

6. Will Weider,  Chief Information Officer, Ministry Health Care, Oshkosh, Wisconsin

7. Jon Goldberg, Chief Information Officer, Arkansas Children's, Little Rock, Arkansas

8. Sorena Nadaf, Chief Informatics Officer (CIO). City of Hope National Medical Center, Comprehensive Cancer Center, Los Angeles, California

9. Marc Chasin, MD, Chief Information Officer, St. Luke’s Health System, Boise, ID

10. Sue Schade, StarBridge Advisors, past interim CIO, University Hospitals, Cleveland, Ohio