What is Epic Healthy Planet?

StethoscopeWhile the words “healthy planet” may conjure up images of blue recycling bins, Captain Planet characters and a smiling Mother Earth, the Epic Healthy Planet module has everything to do with helping the people inhabiting the earth, versus keeping the planet green.

Epic Healthy Planet is Epic Systems’ accountable care and population management system module, born out of the Affordable Healthcare Act and its related Accountable Care Organizations (ACO), which was set up to pay providers for delivering services and healthy patient outcomes.

Value-based healthcare company Wellcentive defines population health management as “the aggregation of patient data across multiple health information technology resources, the analysis of that data into a single, actionable patient record and the actions through which care providers can improve both clinical and financial outcomes.”

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Healthy Planet is an Epic software module that, through its suite of reports, dashboards and workflow tools, compiles that patient data, which allows healthcare organizations’ care managers to manage patient populations in and apart from ACOs. In other words, this software provides healthcare systems with the tools to coordinate care delivery, monitor quality and cost, reduce financial risk and engage patients through a centralized data warehouse and complete view of all of their patients.

Healthy Planet, along with Epic's embedded Cogito, give users at every level the ability to track how well they're doing and prioritize their efforts with these features:

  • Retrospective, real-time, and predictive analytics
  • Risk-Scoring and risk-stratification tools – pre-built and configurable
  • Chronic disease registries for highcost population and comorbidity management
  • Wellness registries for organizing preventive care
  • Role-based daily metric dashboards
  • My Panel physician dashboard
  • Quality measurement – pre-built and configurable
  • Benchmarking against peers and national averages
  • Operational reports with clinical drill-down
  • MyChart integration for userentered or home device data collection
  • The SlicerDicer for outcome comparisons at the end-user level

Last year, Epic Systems’ user Northwestern Medicine utilized Epic Cogito and Healthy Planet to track their patients’ population health and determine if patients with chronic diseases are proactively getting care. The software allowed Northwestern to manage their patients’ internal and external data, providing them with a 360-degree patient view, which is critical for population health management.

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