What is Epic Cupid?

Epic CupidCupid may sound like a dating website, but its day-to-day use in a cardiology setting is more functional than romantic.

Epic Cupid is Epic Systems’ cardiovascular information system module, providing order entry, scheduling, procedure documentation and structured reporting for cardiology. It also handles associated functions such as analytical reporting, results communication and charging.

Cupid (originally released in 2009 as Cardiant) supports a variety of procedural workflows, including:

  • Echo
  • Ultrasound vascular
  • Cardiac cath
  • All variations of stress testing
  • Electrophysiology structured documentation

Cupid’s template-based flow records discrete, reportable findings for adult cardiac cath procedures and interventions, automatically generating the corresponding narrative text. Plus, Epic Cupid provides interactive diagrams of coronary arteries and interventions as well as diagrams for wall motion. For echo procedures, Cupid provides structured reporting templates and interactive diagrams for wall scoring. Interfaces are also available to pull in discrete measurements captured by the sonographer on the ultrasound cart, according to Epic’s product catalog.

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Cupid can integrate or interface with external EKG devices to bring the EKG readings into the medical record. Order information and textual result information available through Cupid can be communicated to external systems (e.g. PACS and transcription systems) using HL7v2 interfaces. A complete list of third-party integration options is found on Open Epic.

Native support for the ACC-NCDR CathPCI registry is available as an optional module. Support for additional cardiology procedures, including nuclear and pediatrics, is planned for future releases.

Hospitals Using Epic Cupid

WakeMed Health and Hospitals Invasive Cardiology Department and EP (electrophysiology) lab use Cupid for scheduling, documentation and inventory management of bar-coded supplies used during lab procedures. Cupid is scheduled for Go Live in August 2016 at several hospitals in the University of North Carolina system. Other systems using or coming online with Epic Cupid include Partners Healthcare, Scripps Health and Peace Health.