What is Cerner HealtheIntent?

Doctor Holding Blue Paper People Chain At DeskCerner HealtheIntent is a cloud-based, programmable population health management platform that is vendor-agnostic, which means it can receive data from any EHR, existing HIT system and other data sources, such as pharmacy benefits managers or insurance claims.

The near real-time platform enables health care systems to aggregate, transform and reconcile data across the continuum of care, creating a longitudinal health record for individual members of the population that the organization is held accountable for. It enables organizations to identify, score and predict the risks of individual patients, allowing them to match the right care programs to the right individuals, and helps to improve outcomes and lower costs for health and care.

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According to the Cerner website, the goal for HealtheIntent is to allow organizations to know what is happening and predict what will happen within their population; engage providers and patients in health and care delivery; and manage health and improve care. Cerner’s population health management solution benefits include:

  • Knowing the Population: Care venue automation, longitudinal record, enterprise analytics and reporting, and quality and regulatory reporting.
  • Engaging Members: Member engagement and community-based care, including sports medicine, care management, home care, long-term care and retail pharmacy.
  • Managing Outcomes: Capacity and workforce management, clinical programs and outcomes, financial management (revenue cycle and contract management) and network management.

Hospitals Using HealtheIntent

Centra, a large Virginia-based IDN, recently outlined plans for adoption of Cerner HealtheIntent and Cerner Millenium. Cerner announced its first global HealtheIntent client (UK-based Wirral Partners) in March.

At the most recent Cerner Health Conference, Geisinger Health System announced its plan to implement HealtheIntent as a core component of its Unified Data Architecture platform (UDA). Geisinger’s UDA is designed to handle both structured and unstructured data to enable deeper insights for both individuals and entire populations.

"Leveraging our vast stores of data is one way we demonstrate our commitment to ensuring Geisinger's patients benefit from leading-edge advances in health care," said Dr. David Feinberg, CEO, Geisinger. "Implementing HealtheIntent as part of our UDA will afford our providers unparalleled access to data and allow them to pursue new and exciting data analytics opportunities that will improve patient experience and patient outcomes."

As of this writing, Cerner says 85 unique clients have adopted or bought HealtheIntent.

For more information on Cerner HealtheIntent and its role in population health management, request information from Cerner online.