The Languages of Computer Science [Infographic]

Don't know your C from your C++ or Objective-C? How about the difference between Java and Javascript?

These computer languages each have their own set of keywords and a special syntax for organizing programming instructions; i.e., they tell technological devices how to perform the actions we need them to perform. With tech jobs and coding skills in high demand, knowing how to code is key to earning a high-paying job. And as coders' skills and experience improves, so do all of our smartphones, websites and electronic devices.

The infographic below from the University of Florida's online Bachelor of Science in Computer Science program explains a brief history of the eight major computer programming languages, lists each language's popularity and usage and breaks down which information technology jobs programmers ultimately hold.

Predicted growth for computer occupations is predicted to grow 18% through 2022, so it's worth noting what's next in the languages of computer science.