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Why You Should Never Ghost On A Job Interview

With a strong job market, candidates have more options than they have in years. But these options are resulting in candidates taking a few missteps. According to a recent report by USA Today, many candidates “ghost” their first interview, or don’t show up for it. That means no call, no show. USA Today also reports […]

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Must Have Soft Skills For IT Consultants

While companies and clients are hiring for in-demand technical skills, they also factor in soft skills during the interview process. Interviewees that can showcase both hard and soft skills have a leg up on the competition, according to our Recruiting Manager, Justin Couch.  "You can have all the right experience and certifications, but still lose […]

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How to Win Your Next Phone Interview

How to Win Next Phone Interview

Interviewing can be nerve-wracking, especially when it’s over the phone and you don’t have the benefit of sitting across from the interviewer to pick up on subtle cues or body language. However, there are plenty of ways you can win your next phone interview. We asked our consultant advisors their top tips and advice. Here’s […]

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5 Interview Behaviors That Could Ruin Your Job Chances

In my last post, I wrote about trainer resumes, and some things that I look for as a hiring manager when I am reviewing prospective candidates on paper. In the highly competitive trainer job market, a great resume stands out and will definitely help you get a foot in the door. But the next step […]

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8 Awesome Interview Prep Tips to Land Your Next Job

How do you separate yourself from the pack when interviewing for your next healthcare IT consulting assignment? To quote NFL quarterback Russell Wilson, “the separation is in the preparation.” If you’re a veteran consultant, you may not feel like you need to prepare for job interviews. But in our experience, interview prep is an important […]

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5 Tips for Navigating a Group Interview

One-on-one interviews can be scary enough, but interviewing with a group seated across the table from you brings up thoughts of police department interrogations on TV crime dramas. Forget the single lightbulb overhead in the stark white room; in reality, group interviews are efficient opportunities for multiple, varied employee stakeholders to ask questions about and […]

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5 Characteristics of Great Health IT Consultants

With more than half of IT employers adding temporary or contract workers this year and the ICD-10 deadline looming, the competition to find great health IT consultants is fierce. It makes sense, as health IT consultants must have specialized skills, a thorough understanding of what it takes to work in a hospital setting and knowledge […]

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