Salesforce Launches Salesforce Health Cloud

Health Cloud Social LaunchToday Salesforce introduced Health Cloud, its first industry product built specifically for healthcare.

Salesforce Health Cloud is a cloud-based patient relationship management solution that enables providers to gain a complete view of the patient with integrated data from electronic medical records (EMRs), wearables and more; make smarter care decisions; engage with patients across their caregiver networks; and manage patient data.

The Health Cloud platform, which is built on Salesforce’s Service Cloud, aims to enable providers to get a more precise view of patient demographic, lifestyle and health information to better serve their needs.

It was developed in partnership with leading healthcare companies, including Centura Health, DJO Global, Radboud University Medical Center, UCSF and Philips. Salesforce partners Accenture, Deloitte Digital, PwC, MuleSoft and Persistent Systems provide services for EMR integrations, customizations, content and more.

“The era of precision healthcare is upon us,” said Joshua Newman, MD, Chief Medical Officer, GM, Salesforce Healthcare and Life Sciences. “Just like we use precision medicine to target more personalized treatments for cancer and other diseases, precision healthcare is enabling our customers to develop more meaningful, accurate and long-term relationships with patients. Health Cloud is a huge step forward in our industry’s transformation.”

Highlights of Salesforce Health Cloud include:

  • Patient Profile: Enables care coordinators to gain a complete view of their patients, from current conditions and medications, to scheduled appointments and lab results, along with a Timeline view and Caregiver Map.
  • Today Screen: Alerts caregivers to timely issues, such as missed appointments, medication refills, patient reminders and care provider-patient conversations through Salesforce Chatter.
  • Private Communities: Allow care coordinators to securely collaborate and assign tasks across a patient’s caregiver network and help patients view progress against a care plan, find answers quickly to common questions and connect with any provider in their network.
  • Tools for HIPAA Requirements: Health Cloud includes tools that healthcare providers may use in order to facilitate their adherence to their compliance requirements from the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), including Salesforce Shield, a set of built-in Salesforce1 Platform features that include Field Audit Trail, Platform Encryption, Data Archive and Event Monitoring.

For more on what Salesforce Health Cloud meets for health IT, see the Salesforce blog post from Joshua Newman, MD, Salesforce Chief Medical Officer Joshua Newman, Chief Medical Officer and GM of Salesforce Healthcare and Life Sciences.