Mechatronics: How Electrical Engineers Are Impacting Healthcare [Infographic]

From portable pacemakers to 3-D printers that are revolutionizing a variety of surgeries, medical innovations from the partnership of doctors and electrical engineers have long impacted the health care industry.

They're working together on mechatronics engineering (mechanics + electronics = mechatronics), a rapidly developing field of science and technology that combines precision engineering, electronic control and mechanical systems. Hospitals are already using wireless mechatronics in its mobile workstations, cell phone interdepartmental communication and RFID devices, but that's only the tip of the iceberg for the industry's potential in the field of medicine.

In the infographic below from the New Jersey Institute of Technology Master's in Electrical Engineering program, learn about the history of mechatronics and hospitals that began in the 1950s, through current advances in prosthetic limb response and future 3-D lab-created human organs.