Learn All You Can Earn with Our Consultant Rewards Program

Consultant Rewards
Cash in points to win appliances, bicycles, cookware sets, game consoles, designer shoes and much more.

Imagine a program where you earn money toward high-end items you’d buy anyway – while you’re already working and earning money. Enter Healthcare IT Leaders’ Consultant Rewards Program, and you can do just that.

The Consultant Rewards Program lets consultants accumulate valuable reward points for the hours you work through Healthcare IT Leaders. Points are redeemable through our online catalog, where you can shop for millions of items, including appliances, the latest tablets and smartphones, televisions, resort vacations, jewelry, shoes, sports equipment and much more.

Consultant Alan K. earned his points with us this year consulting as an Application Support Specialist and used the points to purchase several gifts for people, including two iPad minis, two Lenovo 7-inch tablets, two MP3 players and a Sony Walkman.

“I think it’s a great program,” Alan said. “I was surprised at the wide variety of things that are available and how much I could get with the points I was awarded. At first I didn’t think too much of it, but once I saw what was possible, I was amazed.”

Russell L., who earned his rewards point on assignment as an Epic Willow consultant, used last year’s points to purchase a Dell 23-inch Touch Screen All-in-One Computer for a friend’s 10-year-old son, and rewarded himself with a seventh-generation Apple iPod Nano 16GB and movie tickets. This year, he’s earned enough to cash in again.

A consultant won this Dell computer in Consultant Rewards points.
A consultant won this Dell computer in Consultant Rewards points.

“The Consultant Rewards Program is awesome,” Russell said. “This year I’m going to get a Surface Tablet.”

Earning Consultant Rewards points is easy. Here are the basics of the program:

  • You are automatically enrolled in the Consultant Rewards Program with your first assignment.
  • Accrue points for every qualifying hour you work with our firm.
  • Totals are updated monthly, and you can track your hours and account balance online.
  • To browse the shopping portal or view your current point total, visit our Consultant Rewards website.

To qualify for the Consultant Rewards Program, you must work at least 1,500 hours for Healthcare IT Leaders during the calendar year.