Interviewing 101: What to Do Before the Interview


Whether you’re going on your first interview or your fiftieth, you’ll need to prepare for the interview to feel your most confident. After all, Interviewing is a skill that’s improved and possibly even mastered by practicing.

Prep for your next interview with these tips on what to do before the interview from Stanford University on Interviewing 101.

Do your research. Research the hospital and position for which you’re applying, as knowing what tasks the job requires and what the company expects of you will help you articulate why you’re a good candidate.

Know your materials. Be familiar with the materials, including the application, you have submitted to your interviewers. There’s a good chance they will refer to the question responses you have submitted.

Know what scares you. Think of the interview question that scares you the most, and think through how you will respond. This way, you’re prepared if they throw that question (or one like it) your way.

Know yourself. Make a list of relevant experiences, qualifications or personal traits you want to bring up in the interview. This way, you will have a stockpile of relevant anecdotes to plug into your answers in the interview, and you won’t be left speechless.

Prepare to turn the tables. Think of a few thoughtful questions that you want to ask your interviewers. That way, if they give you a chance to ask them a question or two at the end of your interview, you’ll be prepared and can show them you’ve done your research and are very interested in the position. A good example is: Can you describe recent projects someone in this position has worked on? What attracted you to this organization and has kept you here?

Practice. Go over some mock interview questions and practice responding to each. Say your answers aloud to yourself or to someone who will listen, such as your recruiter. Constructive feedback is key to doing well in an interview.