Healthcare Patient Portals: Millennials vs. Baby Boomers (Infographic)

Though the ages and year-of-birth boundaries are a bit fuzzy in defining millennials and baby boomers, the two generations certainly process information differently. They also have vastly different healthcare needs and concerns, which is why it's important to know how healthcare patient portals can engage both generations.

Since millennials grew up with technology, they use their smartphones and tablets to access information and want patient portals to be more interactive, featuring personalized recommendations, additional information about services their doctor offers and industry news on topics that interest them. On the other hand, baby boomers want portals to be more straightforward, utilizing them for appointment scheduling, medical records and test results review and the opportunity to ask their doctors questions.

The infographic below from a Xerox EHR survey delves further into online patient portals usage and the different ways millennials and baby boomers look at the information they provide.