Healthcare IT News: 2015 EHR Satisfaction Survey [Infographic]

In its 2015 EHR Satisfaction Survey, Healthcare IT News polled IT management, physicians and clinician end-users who are actively involved with their EHRs, who work in hospital, health system and ambulatory settings, to find out how well their EHRs really work.

Healthcare IT News wanted to find the answers to these questions and more: How interoperable is the EHR with mobile devices? What about with billing systems? On the user end, how would you describe the user experience? Is it easy to navigate and use?

For the first time, the survey focused specifically on ranking and reviewing EHR vendors, not individual products or versions, and asked readers to score their EHR across nine different metrics, including:

  • EHR/visual appeal
  • User experience/ease of use
  • Interoperability with medical devices
  • Interoperability with other clinical systems
  • Interoperability with billing systems
  • Quality of installation support
  • Quality of support for ongoing operations
  • Downtime
  • Overall satisfaction with the product

According to respondents, Epic Systems is the best all-around, from support to interoperability to features and design. The infographic below from Healthcare IT News shows how Epic scored (out of the best possible score of 10), as well as eight other EHR vendor companies that had more than 12 reviews in the survey.

EHR satisfaction