Health IT Professionals Earn the Highest Salaries with Consulting Firms

Health IT professionals are still earning an average of six figures, with those employed by consulting firms earning the most, according to the 2015 HIMSS Compensation Survey.

In its new survey of 1,900 people, the compensation survey found that those employed by consulting firms made an average of $140,971, and professionals at multihospital systems had the lowest salaries in this pool, at $99,305.

Titles surveyed included CEOs, CIOs, CMIOs, IT project managers, sales professionals and clinical professionals, among others. While management earned the most, staff earned $86,000 on average and associate staff still averaged nearly $70,000 annually.

The average salary in health IT overall was $111,387, and the median salary was $90,000. The salaries increased as the revenue of the organization increased, until net revenue reached $1 billion or more. At that point salaries leveled off, according to a Healthcare IT News article on the survey.

The gender pay gap remains an issue in health IT, as men earned $126,262 on average in 2015, compared to $100,762 for women.

The HIMSS infographic below has more information from the survey, including regions that pay the most.