Four Reasons Healthcare Testing Needs Are Growing

The complexity and interdependence of enterprise applications in healthcare settings increasingly require specialized QA and testing capabilities—automated and manual. 

A thorough testing program can help hospitals identify and fix business, functional and performance defects, while improving application speed, quality and usability.

We see four critical drivers causing  hospital leaders to evaluate and supplement their testing resources:

ICD-10, in particular, requires detailed internal and external test plans, and oftentimes, outside testing resources and expertise. But ensuring governmental compliance also means testing for HIPAA, Meaningful Use, and a wealth of other regulations.

EMR, ERP and Revenue Cycle spending has spawned new workflows that, in turn, require testing. Lab orders, claims processing and patient admissions are all growth areas for functional workflow testing.

Enterprise healthcare apps increasingly connect to one another and share information back and forth, requiring system integration testing for interoperability and compliance.

As applications move to the cloud and also integrate to legacy systems, requirements for performance and load testing are growing. Knowledge of cloud and virtualization best practices are key for performance optimization.

Given all of the needs above, Healthcare IT Leaders offers a suite of testing services and qualified test personnel, available on a project basis, to assist our clients.

Our Testing Capabilities
We're partnered in two US-based testing facilities proficient in automated (HP Quality Center) and manual testing. These centers currently house over 100+ experienced testers dedicated principally to ICD-10 testing. Additionally, we provide these testing capabilities:

  • Functional Application Testing
  • Workflow and Business Process Testing
  • Managed Performance and Load Testing
  • Network Virtualization
  • Mobile and Platform Testing
  • Contingent Tester Workforce and Project Management

To learn more about our test resources and programs, contact us today.