Break Room Hacks to Maximize Your Productivity at Work [Infographic]

When most of us take a break at work, the last thing we think about is trying to be productive, unless efficiency at pouring coffee or cramming snacks into our mouths counts.

But maybe we should change how we break - not for the sake of squeezing more out of our day, but for increased energy, improved brain function during the real working hours and better relationships with our coworkers, who may be taking their breaks at the same time.

The infographic below from office supplies company Quill features 20-plus break room hacks for workplace productivity, including what to (and what not to) nosh on, how to socialize with coworkers and even how to arrange break room furniture to boost productivity. If your last break was a snooze fest (and not a helpful one), read the tips below to make the most out of your breaks.


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