7 Questions Consultants Should Ask During an Interview

Businessman knocking on interview room door concept for recruitment or medical checkup with a consultant

You’ve probably heard that employers like when potential new hires ask questions during an interview, but how do you know which questions to ask, especially if you’re a consultant?

The answer is simple: Research the company before you interview by talking to your recruiter about it, and then calm your interview jitters so you feel comfortable asking questions of your own. Form questions that will answer how you can become a better consultant, employee and coworker, tapping into the hiring manager’s or recruiter’s years of experience in working with various personality types and experience levels.

From the most basic to the most involved, these seven questions consultants should ask during an interview, either to a recruiter or hiring manager, will let you find out more about the company, the hiring manager – and even yourself.

  • Who will be my direct supervisor?
  • What can I tell you about my qualifications?
  • What have past employees done to succeed in this position/organization?
  • Do you have any reservations about my qualifications?
  • What additional important skills will I need to do this job well (or fit in well)?
  • Why did you choose this company (for the hiring manager)?
  • Are there any other questions I can answer for you?

As a bonus, you’ll have the advantage of preparing your own commentary around these questions for after the hiring manager answers, which is a golden opportunity to reiterate your skills, interest in the position and general likeability.