6 Healthcare IT Conferences Worth Attending In 2017

Attending a healthcare IT conference can be a rewarding experience that shapes your career. The best events offer new ideas, valuable connections and, if nothing else, swag bags filled with far too many pens and stress balls to count.

Listed by date, we’ve highlighted a handful of upcoming conferences you may be interested in attending alongside your fellow colleagues, peers, and mentors in the greater health IT industry. It’s not too early to start planning your hotel and flight bookings – these events are right around the corner.

HIMSS (February 19 – February 23)

HIMSS 2017 Annual Conference & Exhibition in Orlando, Florida will bring over 45,000 health IT professionals and industry leaders together for what is widely considered one of the most prolific and influential health IT conferences of the year. Medical device security is one of many emerging hot topics at HIMSS17 – the main conference schedule contains 8 pages of cyber security events! With over 1,200 exhibits, more than 300 peer-reviewed education sessions, and 80+ different networking opportunities, consider attending a talk by a world class keynote speaker or learning more about a brand new cutting-edge healthcare product. If you’re a first-time attendee, be sure to bring plenty of business cards and map out an agenda before arrival. (HIMSS isn’t associated with the appropriately named hashtag – #HiMSSanity – for nothing.)

Partners in Interoperability - Health Level Seven International (March 21 – March 22)

If open standards and the promise of Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) are on your radar screen, then consider registering for HL7 Partners in Interoperability event, set for Atlanta. You'll hear an update on the latest progress on FHIR and breakouts for clinicians and bio-pharma professionals. Organizers stress that this event isn't for coders, but instead is focused on healthcare C-Suite and senior decision makers.

Stanford Medicine X | ED (April 22 – April 23)

What sets this conference – hosted by Stanford University in California – apart from the rest on this list is its multi-dimensional focus on social media, information technology, and patient empowerment and advocacy. Touted as “a medical education conference designed for everyone,” Medicine X seeks to explore medical education issues via a variety of learning labs and workshops. Attendees include technologists, physicians, researchers. Early registration is recommended.

2017 Health Datapalooza (April 27 – April 28)

Challenge what you think you already know about big data and health outcomes with this dynamic conference held in Washington, DC. Learn more about the latest and greatest technological innovations helping to advance the healthcare system, or about how actionable data sharing and transparency efforts continue to spark new business innovation opportunities. With a diverse attendee list covering a wide range of perspectives and voices, Health Datapalooza encourages the advancement of real world data experiences.

HXFACTORED (June 20 – June 21)

Health 2.0 is hosting the seventh annual HXREFACTORED (aka Health Experience Refactored) conference in Cambridge, MA. Here, 600 C-suite executives, CIOs, hospital providers, digital innovators, providers, and the like will come together to propose and implement cross-disciplinary health IT solutions. (A full agenda and the complete list of speakers will be announced shortly. For now, consider taking a sneak peek at their early bird registration special.) Also, check out the upcoming Health 2.0 events happening later this year in Spain from May 3 – May 5 and in Santa Clara, California from October 1 – 4.

TedMed (November 1 – November 3)

If you’re obsessed with soaking up the latest TED Talk, you definitely won’t want to miss this year’s TedMed conference in Palm Springs, California. Created by the founder of TED, TedMed focuses on the dynamic power of story-telling. Passionate public speakers and subject matter experts will present and share extraordinary global ideas on health and medicine. Want to attend TedMed but won’t be in California come November? Register to watch online sessions as they happen live on stage or save them later for on-demand viewing.

P.S. While you have your calendar open, it's never too soon to mark the dates for the major Epic and Cerner conferences. EpicUGM 2017 is set for September 25-28, while the Cerner Health Conference 2017 is planned for just a few weeks later, October 9 - 12.