5 More Tips to Help You Ace Your Phone Interview

phone interview 2Our recruiters conduct countless health IT phone interviews per month. So they’re experts on finding great candidates for open jobs, as well as knowing what differentiates an average phone interview from a great one.

Whether you’ve struggled to make that phone interview connection or you’re set on improving your interviewing skills to land that next great health IT consulting job, here are five more tips from our recruiters to help you ace your next phone interview.

  1. Research who's interviewing you. Look up the recruiter or hiring manager on LinkedIn, familiarize yourself with their role and job history, and look for a connection in their experience, said Bob Bailey, principal for Healthcare IT Leaders. Also, research the project you’re interviewing for.
  2. Choose a quiet location to interview. Make sure no loud meetings are happening around you - and don't interview in a moving car, advised Trish Brashear, account manager. The sometimes-spotty cell phone service and multiple on-the-road distractions can show through in an interview.
  3. Stand up when you interview. "Your voice comes across much stronger when you stand up," said Bailey.
  4. Remember to smile. “Smile and be positive,” said Director of Recruiting Dimple Kochikar. “That positive attitude comes through on the phone.”
  5. Ask for the job. "If your interview is going well and you feel you can do the job well, let the interviewer know that," said Bruce Wideberg, SVP. "Express your interest in the job, and even ask for it. In the interviewer's eyes, it will set you apart from everyone else."

Other important considerations include making sure you have a strong phone connection, be on time and speak clearly, as mentioned in our previous tips to ace your phone interview article. Before you interview with a hiring manager, prepare as much as you can with your health IT recruiter, and you’ll be on your way to a new job before you know it.