5 Tips for Choosing an IT Staffing Agency

Not all staffing agencies are created equal. When you’re looking for an IT consulting job, you need an agency that specializes in IT staffing, matches jobs for your skill set and treats you well.

After all, the relationship between you, the consultant, and the staffing agency is a partnership. You want to know about available positions, and the agency needs to fill open jobs with qualified IT consultants. If you’re on the fence between two or more staffing agencies, here are five tips for narrowing down your choices.

  1. Know how staffing agencies differ. Staffing agencies are available for all kinds of skills and fields, including healthcare, science, law, technology, engineering, marketing and executive management. Make sure you locate one that matches jobs with your specific skill set and for the length you wish to work, as different agencies staff for part-time positions, temporary positions, short contracts, long contracts, permanent placements or some combination of them.
  2. Ask friends and colleagues for recommendations. Go with an IT staffing agency that a friend or family member has developed a long-term relationship with. Do you overhear your coworker talking periodically with his or her recruiter? If so, that staffing agency may be a good place to start.
  3. Understand payment and benefits. Make sure the agency has a solid payment history (ask if they have ever missed a payroll), and understand how and when you are paid. Do they reimburse expenses weekly? Biweekly? Or are your paycheck and reimbursements dispensed once at month’s end? Find out if the firm offers direct deposit. If you plan to work as a W2 consultant, review the benefits package. And ask about additional perks like a loyalty program or referral bonuses.
  4. Consider the firm’s technology. You’re busy, so choose a staffing agency that offers multiple points of contact and easy resume submission. Ensure your IT staffing agency has modern technology features themselves, like a mobile-responsive website, mobile app for resume submission, presence on social media sites or online chat functionality.
  5. Be patient. Sometimes your preferred staffing agency will have a job for you, sometimes it takes awhile to find a perfect match. Check in with them periodically to remind them of your interest, and be honest about your needs, skills and job status.

To register with a staffing agency, find one that is a good fit for your skills, submit your resume via their website and answer the phone when they call. Tell the agency’s recruiters what you want in a job, and don’t give up on your search for the ideal IT consulting job.