5 Must-Dos for Job Seekers in 2016


As we near the second month of the year, those crowded gyms from the first of the year may be less packed, and our savings accounts may already fall short of the goals we proclaimed on Jan. 1.

Even if you’ve already broken your personal New Year’s resolutions, you can still make 2016 your best professional year ever with these five must-dos for job seekers.

Learn something new every day. To be the most productive you can be, resolve to learn something new every day, no matter how small that something may be. Pay attention to your coworkers to learn something from them, or check in with your boss or mentor more regularly. Be present in each day, take mental notes and make the most of each day with all that you hear and see.

Subscribe to at least one relevant email newsletter. Email newsletters have changed in the past two years, and they’re more streamlined than ever, designed to give professionals the most relevant news in the shortest amount of time and space. Discover one great email newsletter in your field, or if you’re looking for a way to digest more broad topics at once, check out these 50 fantastic email newsletters you should know about.

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Clean out email clutter. Now that you’ve subscribed to one newsletter you really want to see in your inbox, it’s time to unsubscribe from those you delete before opening or only receive because you ordered something from a company one time. When that employer you’ve dreamed of working for emails you, or when that recruiter contacts you about a perfect job match for your skills, you should be able to see it standing out in your inbox. Deleting irrelevant emails also could free up some of those 6.3 average hours spent checking email during the day – which will save you enough time to see through the next resolution in our list.

Dedicate time to your search. If you’re an active job seeker, act like one by setting aside time each day or week, whatever you choose, to update your resume, search for jobs, save ones you’re interested in and apply to them as quickly as possible. And with the number of active job seekers on the rise year over year, you owe it to yourself this year to compete for the job you want and know you gave it your all.

Improve your LinkedIn profile. You knew this one was coming, right? But if you haven’t visited LinkedIn in awhile, you may not know that LinkedIn “grades” your profile strength. On your LinkedIn profile on the upper right-hand corner, your Profile Strength is displayed in a percentage, and at the top over your header and profile picture, the social media tool offers suggestions for module additions that will improve your profile strength and visibility in searches, such as adding schools for networking, certifications for grouping with professional peers and skill keywords that may be more up to date than what’s currently on your profile.