5 Hot Lawson Skills for Health IT

LawsonIn 2011, Infor acquired Lawson, an enterprise business management suite for financial management, human capital, management, procurement and analysis, but the demand for Infor Lawson skills is heating up now.

The good news for consultants? Many Lawson roles do not require certifications, but do call for several years of experience with specific modules. If you're a health IT consultant with recent Lawson experience, check out our available Lawson jobs, and keep your skills current with the five hot Lawson skills and modules below.

Infor v10
In 2014, Infor’s enterprise-wide release to v10 updated all of Infor’s core product lines and included new product features, expanded analytics, integrated social networking, mobile applications and Infor product integrations. Skills in anything Lawson version 10 are highly prized (including all modules listed below), as well as upgrade experience and training experience on the differences between v9 and v10.

Find Lawson Consulting Jobs here.

Human Capital Management (HCM), Lawson Talent Management (LTM) and Infor Global HR (GHR)
This HR software suite works together to provide science-infused talent management with modules that include automation, analytics, user-defined organizational structure, talent profiles and job solutions for global workforces. In this suite, experience in the Configuration Console tool is highly sought.

This Java-based framework is used to deploy and run business solutions in a runtime environment, so customers can quickly configure applications to tackle business requirements when they change.

Infor Process Automation (IPA)
IPA is a business process automation platform that delivers business process automation and analysis, allowing connectivity between Infor and Infor/Lawson solutions, software from other vendors and proprietary software solutions.

Supply Chain Management (SCM)
The SCM suite supports GS1 standards and specifically supports supply chain needs for healthcare organizations, including workflow, inventory and charge-capture process management, enterprise supply spend dashboards, vendor management, product recall organization and procurement.

For information on training for the above Lawson modules and more, visit the Infor education page.