5 Ways Epic Consultants Can Boost Their Marketability

Technology in the handsWhile jobs for Epic consultants in Radiant, Cupid, Beaker and Beacon modules are in high demand right now, all Epic consultants, no matter their certification, can boost their marketability.

Epic’s market share is up and large implementation projects are ongoing across the U.S., but there is still plenty of competition for individual roles on a project. To put your best foot forward as an Epic consultant, follow one or all of the tips below.

Boost your credibility. If you’ve successfully completed projects, ask former managers or coworkers to write LinkedIn recommendations about your work, mentioning specific successes. Make sure before those recommendations are published that the “Notify your network?” button on your LinkedIn profile says “Yes,” so all the recruiters you’re connected with will see you’ve received a new accolade. While you’re at it, update your resume in all the locations you have it posted, such as Indeed.com or Dice.com, and send your recruiter your updated resume before he or she asks, putting you top of mind when a new job comes up.

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Seek additional certifications. If you're on a current project, ask your employer if they will support you in pursuing additional certification. Bolster your case by seeking Epic training in a module related to the one you are already certified in. You’ll still need to train at Epic Systems’ headquarters in Verona, Wis., but our Epic consultants say their familiarity with the process from their initial certification makes it easier to add additional certifications. Plus, certifying in multiple modules can give you a broader view of how the software works, instantly saying to potential employers that you’ve got depth and breadth.

Find a mentor. Who's your Yoda? Everyone at every stage of their career can benefit from the advice and support of a trusted mentor. For example, if you’re an Epic analyst, find out from a senior Epic analyst what experience he or she has that differs from yours. Have management dreams? Ask managers if they can suggest some tasks and responsibilities that will prepare you for a manager role. And if you're, um, longer in the tooth, don't be afraid to seek out a younger mentor—a trend called reverse mentoring.

Stay current. Three simple words: New Version Training (NVT). Your NVT is especially important when Epic rolls out a major update, but keeping current with smaller, annual changes in your modules is equally valuable for your marketability as an Epic consultant. Candidates with gaps in their experience or training may be passed over by hiring managers who insist on consultants with the latest NVT.

Improve soft skills. Your technical acumen isn't enough. When all things are equal between IT candidates, soft skills—things like communication, teamwork, sociability, conflict resolution—often tip the balance in determining who gets the jobs. There are plenty of online courses to help you improve soft skills, and offline activities, like volunteering or joining the local Toastmasters, are great ways to put your skills into practice.