10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Caffeine

"Coffee + nap = brain reboot" isn't exactly the math we learned in school, but according to findings from the Sleep Research Laboratory at Loughborough University, it's the perfect solution for, say, a working health IT consultant experiencing jet lag or sleep deprivation.

If you're exhausted at work (and don't typically have adverse reactions from caffeine intake), try drinking a cup of coffee - which takes about 15 minutes to kick in anyway - and then nap in your car or hotel on your lunch break. The sleep-deprived only need one cup of coffee and 15 minutes of what's known as "effective microsleep" to feel refreshed.

And whatever caffeinated beverage you sip on your way to work - whether it's an energy drink, caffeinated soda or latte - they all have a few things in common: The caffeine in them can improve your short-term memory, help you pay attention and, of course, enhance alertness, according to two studies on the effects of caffeine on bees and humans.

For nine more facts on caffeine - including which of your favorite brand-name coffee shops delivers the most caffeine per cup - see the infographic below from the I Love Coffee blog.

caffeine infographic