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Ben Hilmes

Ben Hilmes brings unique industry insights to each conversation based on his own senior healthcare leadership experience. Prior to joining Healthcare IT Leaders as President and now CEO, he spent 22+ years in executive roles at Cerner Corporation, capping his tenure as Senior Vice President – Client Relationships, where he was responsible for nearly $3 billion of the company’s U.S. portfolio of Cerner customers. After leaving Cerner in 2021, Ben served as SVP/Chief Integration Officer for Adventist Health. He holds a master’s degree in healthcare administration and a BS in Biology from the University of Missouri and is a Fellow of the American College of Healthcare Executives.

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Lessons from a Health System CEO

Longtime CoxHealth executive and former CEO Steve Edwards shares lessons from a 30 year career in hospital management. With host Ben Hilmes, Steve discusses his leadership philosophy, the challenges of managing through COVID-19, and his passion for wellness and metabolic health.

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Managing The Bottom Line

Renown Health CIO Chuck Podesta joins Ben for a wide ranging conversation on cost management in IT organizations without compromising customer service and results. Chuck describes his 'Stick to the Knitting' approach that focuses on core competencies, clear communication, and goal setting.

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