Official Rules - Healthcare IT Leaders Referral Tesla Incentive Program


  • The winner of the Tesla incentive must reside in the U.S. to accept the delivery of the Tesla.
  • The referral program is not open to Healthcare IT Leaders corporate employees, competitors, clients, and/or vendors.
  • A referrer may not submit referrals that would violate any contractual or other restriction or obligation, such as a non-solicitation with current or former employees, or any common law, statutory, regulatory, professional, or other applicable restrictions or obligations. A referral bonus cannot be paid in a circumstance where the referral or acceptance of a referral award would be inconsistent with our ethics policies or would create relationships or circumstances that impair our client relationships in either fact or appearance.

Qualified Candidate Referrals
A candidate referral is an introduction to a qualified candidate for

  • A current open position
  • A future position

The referrer must provide actionable information such that Healthcare IT Leaders can initiate contact with and elicit the interest of the referred candidate. (Examples of actionable information include, but are not limited to, a contact email or phone, a candidate resume, or a LinkedIN profile.)

A referrer should have the candidate’s consent to the referral and to the disclosure of any of the candidate’s information submitted as part of the referral. The candidate must confirm their relationship to the referrer.

After the initial contact, Healthcare IT Leaders must place the referred candidate within six months of the original referral and the placement must be based on the referral, as determined by Healthcare IT Leaders.

Qualified Job, Project, or Client Referrals
Individuals may refer new business opportunities to Healthcare IT Leaders in the form of a new job, project, or client lead.

The referrer must provide actionable information such that, in the determination of Healthcare IT Leaders, the information is the primary basis for a revenue-generating transaction, such as a new candidate placement. (An example would be the introduction of our firm to a hiring manager who subsequently contracts with us to fill an open role or multiple roles).

Our Standard Referral Program
Qualified referrers of new candidates, jobs, projects, and/or clients are eligible for a bonus of up to $3,500 per placement using a formula based on the duration and profit margin of placements associated with the referral. Bonus payments to the referrer start when the placed candidate starts, are paid in bi-weekly increments, and end when the candidate's contract ends.

How to Refer
Submit our online form or relay your referral information in writing to a Healthcare IT Leaders employee. Healthcare IT Leaders may require additional information from you, and the referral information must be validated. All online submissions are subject to our standard privacy policy. Your referral may not qualify for our referral program if the information provided is deemed to be non-actionable, readily available in the public domain, redundant of information already documented in our CRM database, violates our referral eligibility requirements, or for other reasons as determined by Healthcare IT Leaders.

Entry Period for the Tesla Incentive
The Tesla incentive is open to all referrers who qualify for our standard referral program, and who make qualified referrals within the prescribed Entry Period for the incentive. To qualify for the Tesla Grand Prize and the 2nd and 3rd place cash incentives, qualified referrals must be submitted between June 01, 2021, at 12:01 a.m. PST and December 31, 2021, at 11:59 PST. Referrals made before and after the Entry Period are still eligible for our standard referral program but are not considered qualified for the purpose of the Tesla incentive.

Determination of a Winner
The referrer who makes the highest number of qualified referrals during the Entry Period is the grand prize winner of the Tesla Model 3. Only one grand prize will be awarded. The referrer who makes the second-highest number of qualified referrals is the second-place winner and receives $1,000. The referrer who makes the third-highest number of qualified referrals is the third-place winner and receives $500. In the event of a tie (or ties), where two or more referrers submit the same number of qualified referrals, the winners will be determined by a ranking of the highest profit margin associated with the referrals.

Winner Notification
The Grand Prize Winner will be notified after the Entry Period and must respond in accordance with the terms and deadlines stated in the Official Rules.

Prize Details

  • The Grand Prize Winner will receive a current year Model 3 Tesla Standard Range Plus version with an Approximate Retail Value (ARV) of $39,990 USD and $20,000 USD. Winners may also be reimbursed up to $4,000 for costs associated with a home charging station, if required. The 2nd place prize is $1,000, and the 3rd place prize is $500.
  • Anticipated Prize Fulfillment Date: TBD by Healthcare IT Leaders (“the Sponsor”) in its sole and absolute discretion.
  • Prize Fulfillment Location: TBD
  • Any Taxes or Fees Covered: The Tesla will be delivered with applicable US sales tax, shipping fees, and registration fees, paid. The cash prize of $20,000 is intended as an offset for U.S. income taxes, but the cash prize may or may not fully cover the complete tax liability associated with acceptance of the Grand Prize. Unless otherwise stated above, the Winner is solely responsible for all taxes, costs, and fees associated with Prize receipt, ownership and/or use.
  • Cash Alternative. If Winner does not wish to take delivery of the Grand Prize, or Healthcare IT Leaders determines that it cannot timely deliver the Grand Prize to Winner, for any reason, including without limitation due to legal restrictions, a force majeure event, failure of construction, or any other reason, the Winner may elect to take a cash alternative of $40,000 (USD) (the “Cash Alternative”). No additional prizes or compensation of any kind will be provided if the Cash Alternative is awarded. No alternatives are available for the 2nd and 3rd place prize(s). Winners may choose to decline those prize(s).
  • Winner must advise Healthcare IT Leaders in writing on or before deadline provided in writing from Healthcare IT Leaders, as to Winner’s election. If Winner does not timely notify the Healthcare IT Leaders in writing that (s)he is electing to accept the Grand Prize, then Winner shall forfeit the opportunity to elect the Grand Prize and Winner will automatically receive the Cash Alternative, and not the Grand Prize.
  • Healthcare IT Leaders reserves the right to require Winner to take the Cash Alternative and remove the option of the Grand Prize if the Grand Prize cannot be fully awarded or otherwise delivered to Winner on or before the Anticipated Prize Fulfillment Date(s), for any reason, including without limitation due to a force majeure event, legal restrictions, supply chain disruptions, Prize supplier cancellation or delays, or failure of construction.
  • Except as explicitly stated, all Prizes are awarded as is, without any representations or warranties, and cannot be transferred, sold, substituted, or redeemed for cash by Winner.
  • All third-party names and trademarks are the property of their respective owners. This incentive is not sponsored, endorsed, or affiliated in any way with Tesla, or its affiliates.
  • Entry is subject to all applicable international, federal, state, and local laws and regulations, and is void where prohibited. In certain jurisdictions, local rules and laws may restrict or prohibit the award of certain prizes or impose additional restrictions on participation.
  • Except where prohibited, participation in Tesla incentive program constitutes Winner's consent to Sponsor and its agents for use of Winner's name, likeness, photograph, voice, opinions and/or hometown and state for promotional purposes in any media, worldwide, without further payment or consideration.