Tour Our Healthcare IT Leaders Office

Welcome to Healthcare IT Leaders! We pride ourselves on our cool office setting in Alpharetta, Ga., so we wanted to invite you to take a look around to see where we work, what energizes us and how we blow off steam with a little playtime. We've been named One of the Best Places to Work in Staffing, and you know right when you walk in the door that we’re a little different – just see for yourself below.

Office Tour 1

Located in the Atlanta suburb of Alpharetta, our office is on the first floor of the Parkview One building off Windward Parkway. The walls are painted in sunny yellow, cheery just like our personalities. Our sister companies RunMobile and RunE2E are also located here.

Office Tour3

Though we're at our desks and on the phones most of the day, we still need places to brainstorm and collaborate. These pictures feature our aptly named Large Conference Room, Small Conference Room, which includes a floor-to-ceiling marker board for jotting down brilliant ideas, break room and other meeting spaces. Oh, and Ray Kelly and his son introduced their dog Murphy to the office - and he was a big hit!

Office Tour 3

We're not all work and no play, though. The "Hall of Justiss," named after Principal Ted Justiss (pictured behind the Georgia helmet, bottom right) is our game room, where we can play six arcade games, including Pac-Man, as well as table tennis and cornhole. We're big University of Georgia fans around here, as that's where several of our principals met.

Office Tour1

We have to stay energized, too. Office Manager Deirdre Kurnett keeps our office stocked with a variety of Keurig cups, lots of healthy goodies - fresh fruit, dry roasted almonds and peanuts and pretzels - but also knows we sometimes can use a Coca-Cola (Hey, we're located in Atlanta! It's fitting that we drink a Coke sometimes.), an ice-cold beer and Jolly Ranchers (but not all together - that would be crazy).